Wooden Ladder

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Wooden Ladder
"A wooden ladder piece. Can be placed on walls by facing the wall and hitting the secondary action type."
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Entity ID
Entity ID
Categories Building Material
Item Group Building
Type Ladder
Used to place

Hit points
Hit points 100
Hit Points (Min Level)
Hit Points (Min Level)
Hit Points (Max Level)
Hit points (Max Level)
Degradation Rate
Degradation Rate (Max Level)
Weigh 3
Structural integrity Max Load 12
Smell on Belt
Smell range on Belt
Smell in Bag
Smell range in Bag
Light Value
Noise Volume
Noise Range
Activity Level Strength
Activity Level Time
Activity Level Frequency
Activity Level Strength
Activity Level Time
Activity Level Frequency
Gear Slots
Inventory Slots
Max Stack 500
Storage Slots
Mobility Decrease %
Stamina Decrease /sec
Mod Type
Mod Compatibility
Base Price

Attack stats
Power Attack Multiplier
Multiplier: Headshot
Explosive Radius (Entity)
Body-part disable chance (base)
Body-part disable chance (max)
Range Max
Range Effective
Critical Chance
Attacks/Fire rate
Attacks/Fire rate / 60
Muzzle Flash
Shot Volume
Hip Accuracy
Aim Accuracy
Unholster time
Reload Speed
Stamina Usage
Block Damage
Power Attack Multiplier
Explosive Radius (Block)
Multiplier: cloth
Multiplier: friable
Multiplier: wood
Multiplier: glass
Multiplier: stone
Multiplier: concrete
Multiplier: metal
Additional effects
Initial Experience
Subsequent Experience

Armor stats
Armor Rating
Effect Resists
Hypo-thermal (Cold Resist) °F, 0°C
Hyper-thermal (Heat Resist) °F, 0°C

Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Food
Effect on Water
Effect on Max Health
Food Poisoning prob. %
Other Effects
Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Food
Effect on Water
Effect on Max Health
Food Poisoning prob. %
Other Effects

Butcher Tool
Butcher Multiplier
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Disassemble Multiplier
Disassemble Damage Multiplier
Hoe Tool
Hoe Multiplier
Hoe Damage Multiplier
Repair Speed

Ammo Type
Requires Electrical Power

Forge Weight (oz)
Weight (lbs)
Used to forge
Burn Time 0:33
Provides Electrical Power

Other uses
Used by
Upgrades into
Used to upgrade
Used to craft
Crafting Ingredient Time

Unlocked with
Required Tools
Ingredients Used
Repaired using
Scraps into
Paper.pngScrap Paper
Cloth.pngScrap Cloth
ScrapIron.pngScrap Iron
ScrapBrass.pngScrap Brass
ScrapLead.pngScrap Lead
ScrapTungsten.pngScrap Tungsten
30pxScrap Polymers
MechanicalParts.pngMechanical Parts
30pxElectrical Parts
Breaks into

Seed used
Light Opacity
Growth stages
Time to grow
Used to grow
Crop produced
Loot Containers

Confirmed Alpha 15.2

Description[edit | edit source]

A Wooden Ladder is a craftable item. It can also be "looted" by hitting an existing Wooden Ladder with a Fireaxe until it disappears and a Wooden Ladder is added to your inventory.

To use, simply walk or jump towards the Wooden Ladder and continue walking forward to climb. While on the ladder, you can move forward or backward depending on the direction you're facing. For example, you can "climb" a ladder by looking up and pressing the forward-movement key, or by looking down and pressing the backward-movement key.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Required Items[edit | edit source]

Woodresource.png 6* Wood Produces
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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ladders can easily be extended while climbing them, by placing additional Wooden Ladders as you ascend or descend.
  • Falls from any height can be stopped without injury by grabbing a ladder. This can be done by using your limited horizontal mobility during the fall to "press against" any surface with a ladder. The ladder needs to be long enough and high enough above the ground to stop your fall before you touch any part of the ground. (A very rough estimate is, a minimum three-block-long vertical ladder, running from three to six blocks above the ground...though this varies based on the fall distance.)
  • As of A15 (possibly earlier), placing a ladder in a 1 block wide mine shaft is impossible due to a quirk in how the block placement and earth smoothing algorithms. Accordingly, it is recommended to dig mineshafts either 3 blocks wide (providing enough room for you to place a ladder), or 2 blocks wide with wood frames in one column (to provide a surface for the ladder).
  • The stronger counter-part to the Wooden Ladder is the Metal Ladder.
  • Despite its appearance while being "looted" with a fireaxe, the Wooden Ladder added to your inventory will have no damage.
  • You should "loot" a Wooden Ladder from the top rung down. Wooden Ladders usually collapse if the lower rungs are removed first.
  • As of A6, Zombies can and will climb ladders in order to get to the player. This can be avoided by not placing a top and a bottom rung as Zombies CANNOT JUMP
  • As of A13 (possibly earlier), you can place ladders against a stack of blocks, then remove the blocks, leaving the still-climbable ladder in midair.
  • You should avoid placing a ladder where the top rung will be against the side wall of a Ramp Frame. You can't climb off the ladder unless you extend it onto the side wall; and even then, climbing on and off the ladder is "touchy" and difficult.