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Current game stage: 1

From the character journal: There are three types of vending machines: Beverage vending machines found at stores, rentable vending machines found at trader settlements, and player owned vending machines which can only be acquired through a traders secret stash. All vending machines use Duke coins which can be found in the world or acquired through selling items to traders.You can see how much money you have in the upper right of your inventory. Npcs can purchase from your rented vending machines so it's wise to keep it well stocked and not mark up the items too high.

Vending Machines
Basic Information
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Group Decor/Miscellaneous
Category Placeable
Loot Container
Gear Slot
Covering Attribute
Block Properties
Hit Points
Storage Slots
Horizontal Support
Light Opacity
Upgrades to
Breaks to
Weapon/Tool Properties
Entity Damage
Power Attack Entity Damage
Block Damage
Power Attack Block Damage
Effective Range
Explosion Range Entities
Explosion Range Blocks
Attacks per Minute
Rounds per Minute
Reload Time
Ammo Type
Magazine Size
Stamina Usage
Power Attack Stamina Usage
Damage Multiplier: Earth
Damage Multiplier: Metal
Damage Multiplier: Stone
Damage Multiplier: Wood
Durability (Min Quality)
Durability (Max Quality)
Degradation per Use
Butcher Tool
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Mod Type
Compatible Mods
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed
Protection Properties
Cold Resist
Heat Resist
Armor Rating
Mobility Reduction
Stamina Regen Reduction
Noise Increase
Consumption Effects }}
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Health
Effect on Max Health
Buff [[]]
Buff Chance (%)
Buff Effect
Characteristic Properties
Repaired Using
Electrical Power Required
Base Price
Max Stack
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps into
Burn Time
Farming Properties
Crop produced
Seed used
Time to grow
Obtainable Through

Description[edit | edit source]

Vending Machines are placeable block-items that make up part of the Bartering system. There are 3 types of Vending Machines: the Standard Vending Machine, the Player-Rentable Vending Machine, and the Player-Owned Vending Machine. All of the Vending Machines use Duke's Casino Tokens in order to make purchases.

Standard Vending Machine[edit | edit source]

The Standard Vending Machine is located at each of the Trader's POI as well as various other POI found throughout the world in 7 Days to Die. At these machines, players can purchase various Food and Beverages.

The Buy Price for the food and drink items is standard at every Vending Machine, set to 100% of the Base Price of the food or drink item, meaning that food and drink items are always 1/2 the cost of the same item purchased from the Traders. This Buy Price is also influenced by the purchasing player's Bartering skill as determined by the Better Barter (Perk) as well as various bartering items such as the Cigar.

Player-Rentable Vending Machine[edit | edit source]

Player-Rentable Vending Machines can be rented for a fee of 2500 Duke's Casino Tokens. The fee covers the renting of the machine for 30 days. During this time, the player can add items from their inventory to the vending machine. Prices can be increased above Standard price or reduced to as low as 20% of Standard Price. From Player-rented vending machines, other players may purchase the items that have been placed within. Sometimes, items are sold to NPCs. (NPCs in this regard exist only as buyers; they can neither be seen, interacted with, or otherwise dealt with.) Exact mechanics of this selling to NPCs are not known currently, but Price is said to have some effect. Note that upon expiration of a rent, all items still in the machine are lost! (This is as of Alpha 15.1, unconfirmed in further game updates.)

Player-Owned Vending Machines[edit | edit source]

Player-Owned Vending Machines can currently only be bought from the secret stash of Traders. They are said to sell items only to other Players; they never have items sold to NPCs like the Player-Rented Vending Machines.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Attacking or attempting to dismantle a vending machine will result in electrocution.