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Description[edit source]

This template is used to standardize the format of message boxes used by editors and administrators to indicate some action is required.

The template provides for two different formats of message box; a small format and a large format. The large format is the default and is meant to be placed at the top of the page and will automatically size and center itself.

The small format must be declared via a parameter and is meant to be placed at the beginning of a section that needs attention. This permits editors and administrators to mark individual sections rather than the entire page. This may be less intrusive for the reader but more importantly, it provides other editors more information as to exactly what part of a page needs attention.

Basic Usage[edit source]

Note: If message parameter isn't defined, no mbox will appear.

{{mbox|message=This page requires expansion.}}

This page requires expansion.

{{mbox|small=yes|message=This section requires expansion.}}

    This section requires expansion.

{{mbox|small=yes|date=February 9, 2016|message=This section requires expansion.}}

    This section requires expansion.

Proposed since February 9, 2016.

Colorizing Small Mboxes[edit source]

One caveat: Editors are asked to be subtle with their colorization of mboxes. Given the theme of the wiki, a red message box may be overbearing and distracting to readers.

The small version of the mbox can be colorized using hexadecimal color codes such as #FF0000. If no color is specified, the template defaults to black, as in the examples above. Below is an example of a colorized mbox:

{{mbox|color=#ff6600|small=yes|date=February 9, 2016|message=This section requires expansion.}}

    This section requires expansion.

Proposed since February 9, 2016.

All Parameters[edit source]

All parameters are case-sensitive.

Parameter Description Required/Optional
color Applies the specified hexadecimal color to the small mbox. Optional
date Applies the date to the window so editors and admins can see how long the page has been tagged. Optional (but strongly encouraged)
message This is the actual content of the mbox. Should be concise and useful. Required
nocat Disables auto-categorization when set to 1 using |nocat = 1 Optional

Keywords[edit source]

Keywords are used as values for the message parameter to allow for standardized messaging for often-used messages.

Keyword Message Auto-category
OutdatedSection This section contains outdated information. (looks best with |small=yes option) Category:Cleanup
StubSection This section requires expansion Category:Cleanup
Underlinked This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the wiki.
Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text.

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