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This template generates an infobox for items. The Infobox provides a summary of statistics associated with a given item. It is intended to organize the information consistently across all items and provide a quick reference-point for pertinent information about the item.

Formatting and ordering of information is largely done by the template with a few exceptions noted below (sizing images, adding links, etc).

Information is passed to the template in the form of parameters and values that are designated as such: |parameter = value. Parameters containing no value or only whitespace will be ignored and not included in the infobox.

Auto-categorization[edit source]

Inclusion of the template will auto-categorize the article in Category:Items. Additionally, certain parameters enable the template to automatically add the item to other categories. The parameters with this feature are noted below in the list of parameters. This functionality extends the usefulness of the infobox but it may not always be desirable. To disable auto-categorization, add the parameter/value combination: |nocat = 1.

The removed parameter also affects auto-categorization by disabling categorization by other parameters to ensure the item is only auto-categorized into Category:Removed_Items. There may be other categories added to the item outside the infobox, which the infobox can not control or manipulate.

Boolean Values[edit source]

Parameters that expect boolean values such as true or false allow for some variation in terminology as in the following:

1, y, yes, t, true = TRUE
0, n, no, f, false = FALSE

For more information, see the documentation for Template:Validate_bool

Notes[edit source]

  • Please add a small picture of an item you put into the infobox (e.g. ammunition) for the overall look.
 Use this syntax:
 |ammo = [[File:CrossbowBolt.png|20px|link=Crossbow Bolt]][[Crossbow Bolt]]
 will look like: CrossbowBolt.pngCrossbow Bolt
  • When using the experience components, exp1 is the inital experience gained for the first use, exp2 is every subsequent use of the item.
  • Most values for items can be found in items.xml.
  • Information on placeable items, such as traps and mines, are found in blocks.xml

Cut, Paste, and Replace[edit source]

Use the following to easily create new infoboxes. Cut and paste the code then replace the values as appropriate.

|image = Ak47.png
|item-id = 48
|group = Ammo/Weapons
|category = Firearms
|type = Automatic
|damage_min = 25
|damage_max = (combination of all the parts qualities.)
|speed = 0.10
|bonus_damage_headshot = 6
|durability_min = 1
|durability_max = 600
|range = 100
|ammo = [[File:762mmBullet.png|20px|link=762mm Bullet]] [[762mm Bullet]]
|clip = 30 Cartridges
|used_parts = [[Ak 47 Receiver]]<br>[[Ak 47 Barrel]]<br>[[Ak 47 Stock]]<br>[[Ak 47 Parts]]
|weight = 6.8
|weight_forge = 108
|metal = Iron
|meltable = y
|scrapable = y
|dismantleable = y
|scrap_iron = 13
|ob_craft = 1
|ob_loot = 1
|ob_cheat = 1
|repair = [[Weapon Repair Kit]]
|unlocked = [[Ak 47 Schematic]] 
|ActionSkillGroup = [[Rifles (Skill)]]
|CraftingSkillGroup = [[Gun Smithing (Skill)]]
{{Infobox item
|image = HazmatShirt.png
|item-id = hazmatShirt
|group = Clothing
|durability = 1-600 (depending on quality level)
|slot = Chest
|repair = [[Cloth Fragment]]
|insulation = 20
|waterproof = 20
|concussive = 30
|puncture =  20
|burn-time = 0:03
|bullet = 
|melee = 
|blunt = 
|explosives = 
|fuel = 
|ob_craft = 
|ob_cheat = 
|ActionSkillGroup = [[Rifles (Skill)]]
|CraftingSkillGroup = [[Gun Smithing (Skill)]]
|ActionSkillGroup = 
|CraftingSkillGroup = 
{{Infobox item
|category = Food
|group = Food/Cooking
|health = +5
|hunger = +20
|image = VenisonStew.png
|ob_loot = 1
|ob_cheat = 1
|ob_cook = 1
|smell_bp = 20m
|smell_bp_str = 4m
|smell_tb = 60m
|smell_tb_str = 4m
|stack = 500
|thirst = 0
|type = Boiled
|used_ingredients = [[Bottled Water]]<br>[[Raw Meat]]<br>[[Potato]]<br>[[Corn]]
|used_utensil = [[Cooking Pot]]
|well = +1.6
|ActionSkillGroup = [[Rifles (Skill)]]
|CraftingSkillGroup = [[Gun Smithing (Skill)]]

Syntax[edit source]

Basic syntax:

{{Infobox item
| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| parameter  = value
| parameter  = value
| parameter  = value

Parameters[edit source]

Parameter Description Auto-categorizes
CraftingSkillGroup The skill used to craft an item. Can be found in items.xml
ActionSkillGroup The skill that receives skill points when an item is used. Can be found in items.xml
removed Version in which item was removed (overrides further auto-categorization) Y
nocat Disables auto-categorization.
Syntax: nocat = true
name Name of the item
image Main image of the item
caption Caption for the main image
image_alt1 First alternate Image of the item
caption_alt1 Caption for the first alternate image
image_alt2 Second alternate image of the item
caption_alt2 Caption for the second alternate image
group The group this item belongs to. (For possible groups see: Group)
category The wiki category in which to place the item. Y
type A sub-category, depending on the item. For example a "semi-automatic" firearm.
item-id Item ID number in brackets in creative menu.
breaks Breaks into which items
slot Gear slot. Example: for bandana slot = face
tool-fuel Fuel to use this tool. (There is only Gas Can.)
exp How much experience you gain from this item (First time | Subsequent times)
cookable Whether this item can be cooked Y
meltable Whether this item can be melted Y
scrapable Whether this item can be scrapped Y
dismantleable Whether this item can be dismantled Y
lockable Whether this item can be locked Y
storage How many storage slots this item has (if container)
smell_tb Smell radius when carried on toolbelt (in m)
smell_tb_str Smell strength when carried on toolbelt
smell_br Smell radius when carried in backpack (in m)
smell_br_str Smell strength when carried in backpack
durability Durability of the item; see Durability
puredur Pure durability of the item; see: Pure-Dur
hardness Hardness of the item; see: Hardness
structural integrity See: Structural Integrity
max_load See: Max Load
mass Weight (only for blocks); see: Mass
tool The Appropriate Tool best to destroy this item (only for blocks)
damage Damage this item deals to entities; see Entity Damage
block_damage Damage this item deals to blocks; see Block Damage
range Weapon/Tool range. See: Range
buff Buff imparted by item.
buff_chance Percent chance buff will be imparted
buff_effect How buff affects recipient. buff_effect = -150 HP
reload_speed Time it takes to reload item
speed Attack speed.
bonus_damage_headshot Headshot damage multiplier.
stack Maximum amount of items in one stack
bullet Bullet protection.
melee Melee protection.
puncture Punture protection.
blunt Blunt protection.
explosives Explosives protection.
hunger Fullness change when you eat/drink this one.
thirst Thirst change when you eat/drink this one.
health Health change when you eat/drink this one.
stamina Stamina change when you eat/drink this one.
well Wellness change when you eat/drink this one.
gas Gassiness change when you eat/drink this one.
consumption Other effects when you eat/drink this one.
ammo The item this item uses as ammo (if any)
clip Amount of ammo that fits in one clip
unlocks The item this one unlocks (if any)
unlocked The item that unlocks this one (eg. schematic)
repair The item that is needed to repair this one
repairs The item this one repairs
rep_value The amount with which this item repairs
used_in Items you can craft with this one.
used parts Parts used to assembly.
used in upgrading
used_parts_upgrading Items used to upgrade this one.
used in cooking
used_ingredients Ingredients used to cook this one.
weight Weight in lbs
weight_forge How much 'metal' this item gives when melted
metal The kind of metal this item gives when melted
fuel whether the item can be burnt
burn-time amount of time the item burns (in secs)
ob_cheat whether the item is obtainable through creative menu Y
ob_cook whether the item is obtainable through cooking Y
ob_craft whether the item is obtainable through crafting Y
ob_dismantle whether the item is obtainable through dismanteling Y
ob_farm whether the item is obtainable through farming Y
ob_forge whether the item is obtainable through forging Y
ob_loot whether the item is obtainable through looting Y
ob_mine whether the item is obtainable through mining Y
ob_scavenge whether the item is obtainable through scavenging Y
ob_scrap whether the item is obtainable through scrapping Y
ob_upgrade whether the item is obtainable through upgrading Y
scrap_iron How much Iron this item gives when scraped Y
scrap_brass How much Brass this item gives when scraped Y
scrap_lead How much Lead this item gives when scraped Y
scrap_tungsten How much Scrap Tungsten this item gives when scraped Y
cloth_fragment How much Cloth Fragment this item gives when scraped Y

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