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*This guide is for use before Alpha 17*

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Stealth System is a game mechanic which implements the use of sounds and smells to decide whether Zombies can detect characters. To activate the Stealth System, push and hold the crouch key (default key C), or use Left Ctrl to toggle crouch mode. This will change the crosshair into an eye symbol and show your current stealth state.

While crouched, certain actions are performed slower and quieter. For example, Doors and Storage are opened slower but quieter. NOTE: When looting, the "loot all" button or fast loot (default "R" key) will make more noise than if items are moved one-at-a-time into inventory.

Sounds[edit | edit source]

Zombies investigate sounds near them. Therefore, an item such as a Rock or a Human Turd can be thrown in an attempt to distract the zombie. Different actions have different noise levels. For example, a Chainsaw makes more noise than an Axe and therefore can more easily attract zombies.

Hitting a loud object made of metals can attract zombies, which will then attract nearby zombies to that certain area. Zombies who do will attempt to break in, therefore it is not recommended to damage loud object when trying to scavenge stealthily.

Smells[edit | edit source]

Zombies are able to smell certain foods and even farts caused by eating a can of chili.

From misc.xml, version A14.5: "Raw meats smell the most, then charred, then grilled and boiled smell the least. Carbs generally do not attract zombies much so foods like corn bread, blueberry pie even though to humans can smell a lot, they do not attract zombies like meat does."

(older versions) When a character is carrying something that emits a smell, the Emitting Smell buff is activated and the smell iconSmell icon.png becomes visible in the bottom-left corner of the screen as well as in the Character Menu.

Activating the stealth system has no effect on smells.

States of the Stealth system[edit | edit source]

There are three basic states of detection, or stealth:

Undetected[edit | edit source]

While undetected, the eye status indicator (when crouched) will have a mostly-closed eye with the text "undetected". An overlay will also appear on the edges of the screen, somewhat darkening your vision. As long as a character remains undetected, zombies will not notice you, you will not get attacked. Attacking a zombie or animal while undetected and crouched will give you bonus damage on your first attack (melee or ranged).

Sensed[edit | edit source]

At least one zombie sensed a character. They will attempt to locate the character by walking around the area or breaking into buildings (preferring to concentrate on doors if found). Sounds and (meat) smells can also trigger this state. The "eye" status indicator (when crouched) will open a little bit and go from half closed to open repeatedly, "sensed.".

The server setting EnemySenseMemory defines the time (in seconds) that a zombie will pursue something that it sensed. (Default = 60 seconds).

A16 disabled the smell system, so only sounds will invoke this state. Smells are planned to be re-enabled during A17.

Hunted[edit | edit source]

When the player is hunted, one or more zombies are aware of the character's presence and are actively hunting it. The "eye" status indicator (when crouched) will be fully open and the word "hunted" will be visible above it. The overlay that appears when undetected also fades. The hunted state will remain as long as the character is within the zombie's sight. This also happens every 7 days during the night, in that case the player remains hunted until daytime, escape, or by killing all the zombies.

Distracting Zombies[edit | edit source]

A Zombie can be distracted by Animals or sounds of thrown objects. A zombie may pursue the sound of a rock or other item thrown away from the character. There is no status indication for "distracted."

Images[edit | edit source]

Images from alpha 7.1