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Description[edit | edit source]

Stamina is one of the four main player statistics. Represented by a royal blue horizontal bar that bears a small running man, it is located at the bottom left of the player's screen. It decreases when running or swinging a tool or melee weapon. The more stamina the player has, the more damage their melee hits cause to blocks and zombies. The amount of Stamina also determines the chance to interrupt a zombie when attacking, if your stamina is over 50 you have a 100% chance and if it's 50 or below it is your Stamina level x 2.[1] Stamina will slowly regenerate while standing or walking. However, eating and drinking will increase stamina quicker. The players wellness level will affect how full the Stamina bar can get.

Stamina Depletion[edit | edit source]

Stamina is depleted when the player engages in certain actions, these are as follows:

  • Running
This causes a steady constant drain on stamina.
This causes a certain amount of stamina depletion each time a tool is used. The amount used varies from tool to tool.
This causes a certain amount of stamina depletion each time a weapon is used. The amount used varies from weapon to weapon.

Stamina can also be depleted when the player is experiencing heat stroke or hypothermia due to Weather Effects, and from being infected.

When the player's stamina runs out, they won't be able to run, and their tools work half as well as they could. Something to keep in mind when using a Pick Axe, Sledgehammer, Shovel etc. is stamina. The lower the stamina level, the less power the tool will deliver. In the case of a pick axe, this means it would take double the swings to destroy a block. This is important because like all tools, the Pick axe has a Durability level and the player will want to try to get the most out of each item.

Stamina Restoration[edit | edit source]

Stamina will slowly recover over time providing the player's wellness level is above the current level of their Stamina. There are a few items in the game that the player can use to replenish their Stamina bar, the following items all have a positive effect Stamina.

Although there are some items that can replenish Stamina there are also a few items than can harm the player and will deplete their Stamina bar, the following items all have a negative effect on Stamina, in addition to causing various negative status effects.

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