Shotgun Messiah Gun Store

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Current game stage: 1
Shotgun Messiah Gun Store
Shotgun Messiah in Snow biome.
'Removed: '
Category Point of Interest
Biome Any

Game Worlds
Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

There are four Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores in Navezgane and are also randomly placed in Random World Generation. They contain Shotgun Messiah Crates from which various Weapons can be looted as well as parts, ammunition and mods. There are also Beverage Coolers, some Cupboards and File Cabinets in the shop area. In the back of the building there are Toilets, a storage area and an office with a Wall Safe or Gun Safe.

As of A17, you can only find weapons in shotgun messiah crates (Also, besides the obvious, you can click weapons and go to firearms)

Locations in Navezgane[edit | edit source]

The four Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores are currently located:

Shotgun Messiah Map.png

Locations in Random World Generation[edit | edit source]

It can spawn anywhere depending on your game name or Seeds, but usually you will find them in cities. They can also sometimes be found by themselves on roads.

Prefabs[edit | edit source]

There are 2 types of Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores.

Prefab Description
store_gun_lg_01 Large Shotgun Messiah Gun Store only found in cities.
store_gun_sm_01 Smaller Shotgun Messiah Gun Store that can be found in cities, towns or rural areas.

Video Tutorial : Alpha 13.8[edit | edit source]

The video below shows the coordinates to the Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores in Navezgane, demonstrates the types of loot containers and some loot as of alpha 13.8

Images[edit | edit source]