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Description[edit | edit source]

Resources allow the player to craft items. This page will list all items and some of the blocks in appropriate categories. These categories may vary from what you see in the game, as it's a strictly logical divide based off what each object is.

Detailed list[edit | edit source]

Basic Materials[edit | edit source]

The most basic of materials used to craft many items and blocks. Acquired only by picking up, destroying objects and blocks or harvesting corpses. Exceptions are the forge materials, which can be retrieved from the Forge after smelting items in it.

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Complex Materials[edit | edit source]

A bit more complex materials, in most cases can be crafted from Basic Materials and in some can only be looted.

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Components[edit | edit source]

Strictly speaking not a material and more of a component for more advanced objects like weapons, tools, vehicles, etc., as well as items used as smelting material.

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Plants[edit | edit source]

Plants and seeds fall into this category. Each plant has a distinction of a grown plant (what can be encountered in the wild or can be grown from planted seeds and can be harvested), a seed (if present, craftable from the harvested crop and plantable in the tilled ground) and harvested crop (the item that can be used for further crafting of items). Sometimes the grown plant and harvested crop may have the same name ingame, but here they all will have a distiction between plant and harvested crop. Plants that do have same naming include Chrysanthemum Plant, Goldenrod Plant and Mushrooms Clump.

Name Max Stack Source Gives when harvested Hand Crafted Lootable Found in the wild Farmable Confirmed Version
CoffeeBean.png Coffee Beans 500 Harvesting grown Coffee Plant None n y n n Alpha 17
CoffeeBean.png Coffee Seed 500 Found in containers or crafted from Coffee Beans None y y n n Alpha 17
HopsFlower.png Hop Flower 500 0 1 0 1 Alpha 17
HopsFlower.png Hop Plant 0 Grown from Hop Seeds Hop Flower n n y y Alpha 17
Snowberry3Harvest.png Snowberry Plant 0 Found in Snow Forest and Forest Snowberries n n y n Alpha 17
PlantYucca.png Yucca Plant 0 Found in Desert or grown from Yucca Seed Yucca Fruit n n y y Alpha 17