Repairing Blocks

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Current game stage: 1

Every Block and Furniture has a durability level, some being much higher and stronger than others. When damaged they can be repaired with the correct Tool and correct item. Repairing is imperative to keeping the player's base defendable, if the player chooses to not repair their base's Walls, or Traps the base will soon fall due to Zombies constantly damaging it.

Appropriate Tools[edit | edit source]

There are only a handful of tools that can repair, some easier to obtain compared to others.

All items that can repair, repair at the same speed, making the choice of which tool to use dependent on the upgrade speed of the tool.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Almost everything in this game can be repaired with the correct item.
  • Dirt, Sand, Gravel, and other Ground Blocks can be repaired with the corresponding item.
  • Player placed blocks or already placed blocks like Wood Blocks, Flagstone Blocks, or Iron Blocks, can all be repaired with the corresponding item.
  • Some blocks do not use the same items they are crafted from to be repaired by, for example Brick Blocks are made from Stone and Clay in the Forge, but to repair a Brick Block the player must use Cobblestone Rocks.
  • Depending on the durability of the block a certain amount of the required item is required to repair it. For example, a Hard Metal Door requires ten Forged Iron to create, therefore if a Hard Metal Door is at 50% durability it will require five Forged Iron to repair it.
  • It is very easy to see if a block requires a repair because you will either see damage done to the block, or when using a tool the health bar of the block will show (The health bar only shows when the block is damaged). This also applies to furniture.