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Effective Range describes the distance in which the player may attack a block or entity. Full damage will be inflicted up to this distance.

Maximum Range describes the maximum distance a ranged weapon will reach but with damage decreasing the closer it reaches the maximum value.

To calculate the Range of a weapon or tool you need to count how many blocks are between the player and the target.

Example[edit | edit source]

x = Player
y = Target

x y Range = 1
x y Range = 4
x y Range = 2

Temporary List[edit | edit source]

All units of measure are measured by block distance. NOTE: This is for Left Clicking (Attacking) only. e.g. If you want to punch something, you will need to be 2.5 blocks or closer to make contact.


All unlisted Melee Weapons = 2.1
Chainsaw = 2
Bow, firearm, and launcher = Any Distance


All Shovels and Pickaxes = 4
Hoe = 4
Fireaxe = 4
Stone Axe (+Tazzas) = 2
Sledgehammer = 4
Repair Tool = 0.5


Hands = 2.5
Torch = 2.5
Flashlight = 1.8