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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1

Description[edit | edit source]

Quality is a value which represents the crafted level of a tool, weapon, or armor.

Summary Chart[edit | edit source]

Item quality is indicated by both a color-code for quick reference and a numerical value as a precise measure of quality, displayed beneath the item's icon in the Inventory.

Color Quality Item Level Entity Dmg Block Dmg Mod Slots
Grey Faulty 1 +0% +0% 1
Orange Poor 2 +10% +10% 1
Yellow Fine 3 +20% +20% 2
Green Good 4 +30% +30% 2
Blue Great 5 +40% +40% 3
Magenta Flawless 6 +50% +50% 4

Effects of Quality[edit | edit source]

An item's quality determines the following item stats:

  • Max Durability of Weapons, Tools, and Armors.
  • Number of Mods allowed to be placed on Weapons, Tools, and Armors.
  • Entity Damage bonus added to its base Entity Damage, for Weapons and Tools.
  • Block Damage bonus added to its base Block Damage, for Weapons and Tools.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Various attributes and perks improve the quality of their respective crafted items.
  • The quality of scavenged items depends on the Looting bonus of the player.
  • Players can only craft Quality 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 items. Quality 6 items can only be attained by looting or buying them.