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Miscellaneous is an item Group.

Miscellaneous items are items in which are not commonly put into a certain category, for example, a 9 mm round would go under ammo, and leather pants would go under clothing. Things that are miscellaneous are for example storage crates or trophies and fishing weights. They don't have a category that matches them correctly.

This group was removed from the game, its contents should be checked to see what group they now fit into.

List of Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Item Group
TrashPile04.png Abandoned Rubbish Miscellaneous
AnimalGore.png Animal Gore Miscellaneous
Bedrock.png Bedrock Miscellaneous
Blueberry.png Blueberry Plant Miscellaneous
BoardedWindows.png Boarded Windows Miscellaneous
BrownGrass.png Brown Grass Miscellaneous
CardboardBox.png Cardboard Box Miscellaneous
CinderBlocks01.png Cinder Blocks Miscellaneous
Web.png Cob Web Miscellaneous
Cobweb.jpg Cobweb Miscellaneous
ConcreteBlock.png Concrete Bricks Miscellaneous
ControlPanelBase01.png Control Panel Miscellaneous
DeadPineLeaf.png Dead Pine Leaf Miscellaneous
SandStone.png Desert Ground Miscellaneous
DesertShrubScreenshot.png Desert Shrub Miscellaneous
DestroyedStone.png Destroyed Stone Miscellaneous
Dirt.png Dirt Miscellaneous
ThinMetalPlate.png Forging Iron Miscellaneous
CornerFullWedgeAwning1.png Full Corner Awning Wedge 1 Miscellaneous
CardboardBox.png Garage Storage Miscellaneous
OilBarrel.png Gas Barrel Miscellaneous
Glass.png Glass Pane Miscellaneous
GoreBlock1Prefab.png Gore Miscellaneous
Grass.png Grass Miscellaneous
TreeStump.png Hollow Tree Stump Miscellaneous
Faucet04.png Household Faucet (bath) Miscellaneous
Faucet02.png Household Faucet (kitchen) Miscellaneous
GlassIndustrial02CTRPlate.png Industrial Glass 2 Centered Miscellaneous
GlassIndustrial.png Industrial Glass Centered Miscellaneous
LogCabin.png Log Cabin Wood Miscellaneous
Bed01Frame.png Metal Bed Frame Miscellaneous
TrashPile09.png Old Trash Miscellaneous
ForestGround.png Plains Ground Miscellaneous
PricklyPear.png Prickly Pear Miscellaneous
StairsQuarterFilledWood.png Quarter Filled Stairs Miscellaneous
Radiated.png Radiated Earth Miscellaneous
RailingOldWood.png RailingOldWood Miscellaneous
ReinforcedMetalSiding.png Reinforced Metal Siding Miscellaneous
RedWoodPillar.png Richwood Pillar Miscellaneous
Rock01.png Rocks Miscellaneous
Rug01.png Rug Miscellaneous
Saguaro.png Saguaro Miscellaneous
Sandbags.png Sandbags Miscellaneous
ScrapMetalBlock.png Scrap Metal Pile Miscellaneous
WorkingStiffCrateSealed.png Shamway Crate Miscellaneous
Snow.png Snow Miscellaneous
Sod.png Sod Miscellaneous
BrownGrass.png Tall Grass Miscellaneous
TungstenOre.png Tungsten Ore Miscellaneous
VentDuctBlock.png Vent Duct Miscellaneous
WhitePicketFence.png White Picket Fence Miscellaneous
WoodFenceOldFarm.png Wood Farm Fence Miscellaneous
TrunkPine.png Wood Log Miscellaneous
WoodDebris.png WoodDebris Miscellaneous
StorageChest.png Wooden Chest Miscellaneous
WedgeCabinShingles.png Wooden Shingles (Wedge) Miscellaneous
CornerFullWedgeShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Corner Miscellaneous
PyramidShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Pyramid Miscellaneous
WroughtIronFenceSheet.png Wrought Iron Fence Miscellaneous
PlantYucca.png Yucca Plant Miscellaneous