Loot Container 43

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Description[edit | edit source]

Loot Container 43 is a loot container found in Lockers around the world.

Item Groups[edit | edit source]

Loot List Table

When opening a Loot Container 43 you will get between 1 and 2 items. Each of the items can give the number as described in the table below. Note: It is possible to get more of an item, if that item was chosen more than once.

  • Size: 4,3 = 12
  • Count: 1 - 2

Loot Availability Rarity Count Chance
Min Max
7DaysGroupIcon.png clothes (Group) Rare 28 1 0.1 %
7DaysGroupIcon.png hats (Group) Rare 10 1 0.04 %
7DaysGroupIcon.png ammo (Group) Rare 0.02 1 0 %
7DaysGroupIcon.png weaponsLongShotgun+ammo (Group) Rare 0.02 1 0 %
7DaysGroupIcon.png books (Group) Rare 1 1 2 0 % No value is given,
a default value of one has been assumed.
Paper.png paper Rare 0.7 1 2 0 %
OldCash.png Old Cash Rare 0.3 1 3 0 %
7DaysGroupIcon.png medicine (Group) Rare 0.05 1 0 %
7DaysGroupIcon.png trophyGroup (Group) Rare 1 1 0 % No value is given,
a default value of one has been assumed.
GunPowder.png Gun Powder Rare 1 1 5 0 % No value is given,
a default value of one has been assumed.
Version = Alpha 17 42.09

Can be found in

This loot container is used by the following storage blocks:

Secure Storage Chest
Reanimated Corpse
Plagued Nurse
Bloated Walker
Festering Corpse
Infected Police Officer
Hollow Tree Stump
Cardboard Box
Night Stand
Trash Can
Small Trash Bin
Weathered Sports Bag
Rotting Sports Bag
Moldy Backpack
Decomposing Backpack
Weathered Backpack
Mail Box
Trash Pile
Pile of Garbage
Mound of Garbage
Abandoned Rubbish
Rotting Trash
Spoiled Trash
Garbage Pile
Foul Trash
Old Trash
Wall Safe
Desk Safe
Wooden Desk
Spider Zombie
Bird Nest
Burn Victim
Iron Desk
Crawler Zombie
Frozen Lumberjack
Munitions Box
Gun Safe
Cabinet Top
Supply Crate
File Cabinet
Lockers 43
Duffle Bag
Garage Storage
Medicine Cabinet
Storage Ammo
Shotgun Messiah Crate
Beverage Cooler
Working Stiffs Crate
Feral Wight
Shopping Basket
Infected Survivor
Shamway Crate
Putrid Girl
Infected Mother
Rotting Carcass
Departed Woman
Fallen Soldier Zombie
Fridge Bottom
Refrigerator Top
Cash Register
Apache Artifact Chest
Team Z Player Football Zombie
Hazmat Male Zombie
Hazmat Female Zombie
Utility Worker Zombie
Skater Punk Zombie
Motivated Cheerleader Zombie
Zombie Biker
Zombie Cowboy
Storage Generic
Shopping Cart
Washing Machine
Trash Compactor
Mortician Drawer
Wall Oven