List of Zombies

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Name Drops Locations Zombie Types Loot Container Alt Name Confirmed
Fatso.jpg Bloated Walker Animal Fat
Bottled Water
Canned Food
Old Sham Sandwich
Shotgun Shell
Steel Arrow
9mm Bullet
10mm Bullet
44 Magnum Bullet
762mm Bullet
Map-wide Normal, Feral 38 zombieMoe
BurntZombieNew.jpg Burn Victim Burnt Forests, Wastelands and feral hordes Normal Default burntzombie
Businessman Zombie 2 .png Businessman Zombie Black Suit Jacket
Black Suit Pants
Black Dress Shoes
Old Cash
Empty Can
Normal, Feral Default N/A
A13CrawlerSteve.jpg Crawler Zombie Map Wide. Very common in hordes and car wrecks Normal, Feral 15, 38 zombieSteveCrawler Alpha 15
Marlene.jpg Departed Woman Water Bottle
Map wide Normal, Feral 38 zombieMarlene
Soldier.jpg Fallen Soldier Zombie Firearms and military gear Army and Government Installations Normal, Feral 73 zombieSoldier
NewFeralZomb.jpg Feral Wight Wasteland cities, Day 7 feral hordes, Army Bases Feral, Feral and Radiated 61 Alpha 15
Joe.jpg Festering Corpse Water Bottle
Cloth Fragment
Glass Jar
Map wide Normal, Feral Default zombieJoe
Z10.jpg Frozen Lumberjack Snowy Forest Normal, Feral 66 zombiesnow
Hazmat Male Zombie Normal 65 Alpha 15.2
Hungry Female Zombie 85 Alpha 15
A13ZombieDarlene.jpg Infected Mother Water Bottle
Old Sham Sandwich
Map wide Normal, Feral 38 zombieDarlene
Fatcop.jpg Infected Police Officer Ammunition, Weapons and/or Old Sham Sandwiches Wastelands, Day 7 hordes and Police Stations Normal, Feral, Feral and Radiated 17 zombieFatCop
Infected Survivor Map wide Normal, Feral 15, 38
Motivated Cheerleader Zombie Running Shoes Normal, Feral 79 zombieCheerleader Alpha 15
NurseA16.jpg Plagued Nurse Map wide Normal, Feral 21, 38 zombieNurse
A13ZombieArlene.jpg Putrid Girl Water Bottle
Old Sham Sandwich
Map wide Normal, Feral 38 zombieArlene
ReanimatedCorpseA13.jpg Reanimated Corpse Water Bottle
Cloth Fragment
Glass Jar
Map wide Normal, Feral Default zombieBoe
Risen Woman Zombie Default Alpha 15
Yo.jpg Rotting Carcass Water Bottle
Map wide Normal, Feral 15, 38 zombieYo
Screamer closeup.jpg Screamer Anywhere Normal, Feral 38
Skater Punk Zombie Hooded Sweatshirt Normal, Feral 80 zombieSkateboarder Alpha 15
SpiderZombNew.jpg Spider Zombie Everywhere Normal, Feral, Feral and Radiated Default
Team Z Player Football Zombie ZU Football Helmet
Mega Crush
Football Jersey
78 Alpha 15
Utility Worker Zombie Mining Helmet Bars Normal, Feral 74 Alpha 15
Walker Male Zombie Default Alpha 15
Zombie bear.jpg Zombie Bear Wasteland, Burnt Forest, Plains Default Alpha 15
Biker.jpg Zombie Biker biker clothing, melee weapons and minibike parts Bars Normal 83 Alpha 15
Zombie Cowboy Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Hat
Gun Parts
81 zombieOldTimer Alpha 16.4
NewZombieDog.jpg Zombie Dog Animal Fat, Animal Hide, Rotting Flesh Map wide. Very common in wastelands, cities, the farm and near destroyed cars. Default
Zombie Farmer Overalls Normal, Feral 85 Alpha 15
Sssss.jpg Zombie Stripper Old Cash
Dukes Casino Token
Bars Normal, Feral 84 zombieStripper Alpha 15
ZombieVulture.png Zombie Vulture Feathers, Rotting Flesh Desert, Plains, Burnt Forest, Pine Forest, Snowy Forest, Wasteland None Alpha 16
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