Hazmat Female Zombie

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Removed: Alpha 16.0
Category Zombie
Type Hostile
Zombie Type Normal
Loot Container

Entity Damage
Block Damage
Crit Ratio

Removed Alpha 16.0
Confirmed Alpha 15.2
NPC System

Loot List[edit source]

The list below contains the items and tools that may spawn inside a Hazmat Female Zombie.

All probabilities are modified by the players level. So the chance of finding anything in a container is less the 1 in 4 at the beginning if the container has 1 as the minimum number. If the minimum number is less than one, the chances are even less. Containers that have 1 or more should always drop something once you reach level 151.

Level Adjustment
1 - 50 25%
51 - 100 50%
101 - 150 75%
151 - 200 100%

Loot List Table

When opening a Hazmat Female Zombie you will get between 0 and 2 items. Each of the items can give the number as described in the table below. Note: It is possible to get more of an item, if that item was chosen more than once.

  • Size: 5,3 = 15
  • Count: 0 - 2

Loot Availability Rarity Count Chance
Min Max
7DaysGroupIcon.png toiletLoot (Group) Common 1 1 9.09 % No value is given,
a default value of one has been assumed.
Version = Alpha 17 1

Loot Groups[edit source]

These are the Loot Groups that are included in a Loot Container. The chance of an item appearing in any of these groups has been scaled based on the chance of that group appearing in the parent group. A group can also appear more than once if it has been included subsequently by another group, the chances in this case will then reflect all the parent chances. The quality of the items returned will be defined by the loot container quality levels unless it has been specifically defined for the group, in which case it will be listed beside the group.

Level 1 Groups

LootGroup - toiletLoot : 9.09%

Loot Availability Rarity Count Chance
Min Max
7DaysGroupIcon.png weaponsPistol+ammo (Group) Common 0.05 1 9.09 %
BottledRiverWater.png Bottled Murky Water Common 0.55 1 2 100 %
Version = Alpha 17 0.6

Level 2 Groups

LootGroup - weaponsPistol+ammo : 9.09%

Loot Availability Rarity Count Chance
(All are returned)
Min Max
9mmBullet.png 9mm Round Common -- 1 10 9.09 %
Pistol.png Pistol Common -- 1 9.09 %
Version = Alpha 17 2