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Proposed since May 25, 2016.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Hardness index of a material determines how much effort is needed to break the material. You can obtain this index using the Item Stats functionality added to the game in the alpha 7.6. To do this, place the mouse over an item to see the Object Stats, including its Hardness.

Calculations[edit | edit source]

Hardness is a base data for calculating Durability and Pure-Dur for blocks.

Durability[edit | edit source]

  x = Hardness ÷ Block Damage (Appropriate Tool)
If x = Integer
Then Durability = x + 1
Else Durability = RoundUp(x)
In words: Divide Hardness by the Block Damage of the Appropriate Tool and add one if whole number or round up the quotient.

Pure-Dur[edit | edit source]

  x = Hardness ÷ 0.075 (Enemy Damage Infected Survivor)
Pure-Dur = RoundUp(x)
In words: Divide Hardness by 0.075 and round up the quotient.

Notes[edit | edit source]

You can use the Creative Menu to consult the Hardness for all the items. Or see Building_Materials for an overview in hardness within different building blocks.

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