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Gun Powder

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Gun Powder
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Entity ID
Entity ID
Categories Ammunition Part, Complex Material
Item Group Resources , Ammo/Weapons , Tools/Traps
Used to place

Hit points
Hit points
Hit Points (Min Level)
Hit Points (Min Level)
Hit Points (Max Level)
Hit points (Max Level)
Degradation Rate
Degradation Rate (Max Level)
Structural integrity Max Load
Smell on Belt
Smell range on Belt
Smell in Bag
Smell range in Bag
Light Value
Noise Volume
Noise Range
Activity Level Strength
Activity Level Time
Activity Level Frequency
Activity Level Strength
Activity Level Time
Activity Level Frequency
Gear Slots
Inventory Slots
Max Stack 500
Storage Slots
Mobility Decrease %
Stamina Decrease /sec
Mod Type
Mod Compatibility
Base Price

Attack stats
Power Attack Multiplier
Multiplier: Headshot
Explosive Radius (Entity)
Body-part disable chance (base)
Body-part disable chance (max)
Range Max
Range Effective
Critical Chance
Attacks/Fire rate
Attacks/Fire rate / 60
Muzzle Flash
Shot Volume
Hip Accuracy
Aim Accuracy
Unholster time
Reload Speed
Stamina Usage
Block Damage
Power Attack Multiplier
Explosive Radius (Block)
Multiplier: cloth
Multiplier: friable
Multiplier: wood
Multiplier: glass
Multiplier: stone
Multiplier: concrete
Multiplier: metal
Additional effects
Initial Experience
Subsequent Experience

Armor stats
Armor Rating
Effect Resists
Hypo-thermal (Cold Resist) °F, 0°C
Hyper-thermal (Heat Resist) °F, 0°C

Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Food
Effect on Water
Effect on Max Health
Food Poisoning prob. %
Other Effects
Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Food
Effect on Water
Effect on Max Health
Food Poisoning prob. %
Other Effects

Butcher Tool
Butcher Multiplier
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Disassemble Multiplier
Disassemble Damage Multiplier
Hoe Tool
Hoe Multiplier
Hoe Damage Multiplier
Repair Speed

Ammo Type
Requires Electrical Power

Material (!)None
Forge Weight (oz)
Weight (lbs)
Used to forge
Burn Time
Provides Electrical Power

Other uses
Used by
Upgrades into
Used to upgrade
Used to craft .44 Magnum Bullet
7.62mm Bullet
9mm Bullet
10mm Bullet
Air Filter Land Mine
Blunderbuss Ammo
Cooking Pot Mine
Exploding Crossbow Bolt
Flaming Arrow
Hub Cap Land Mine
Pipe Bomb
Shotgun Shell
Stick of Dynamite
Tin Land Mine
Crafting Ingredient Time

Unlocked with
Required Tools
Ingredients Used
Repaired using
Scraps into
Paper.pngScrap Paper
Cloth.pngScrap Cloth
ScrapIron.pngScrap Iron
ScrapBrass.pngScrap Brass
ScrapLead.pngScrap Lead
ScrapTungsten.pngScrap Tungsten
30pxScrap Polymers
MechanicalParts.pngMechanical Parts
30pxElectrical Parts
Breaks into

Seed used
Light Opacity
Growth stages
Time to grow
Used to grow
Crop produced

Looting Yes
Loot Containers

Confirmed Alpha 15.1

Description[edit | edit source]

Gun Powder is a craftable item which is used to craft ammo, i.e. Shotgun Shells and bullets, and is used to craft Explosives, i.e TNT and Land mines.

In order to receive skill progress credit for gun smithing, the Chemistry Station interface must remain open during crafting.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

PotassiumNitratePowder.png 2* Nitrate Powder Produces
Coal.png 2* Lump of Coal
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[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount4}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount5}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount6}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount7}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount8}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount9}}}* [[]]
[[File:{{{image10}}}|75px|link={{{linkname10}}}]] {{{itemcount10}}}* {{{linkname10}}} | [[{{{linkname10}}}]]

PotassiumNitratePowder.png 1* Nitrate Powder At a
ChemistryStation.pngChemistry Station
Coal.png 1* Lump of Coal
[[File:{{{image3}}}|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount3}}}* [[{{{linkname3}}}]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount4}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount5}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount6}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount7}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount8}}}* [[]]
[[File:|75px|link=]] {{{itemcount9}}}* [[]]
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Usage[edit | edit source]


The following recipes require a Gun Powder: (NOTE: Times are based on a level one skill and the material that an object is crafted from, which is only reliable for food at the moment, so is rather difficult to calculate, this table is auto-generated):

Item Required Materials Workstation Implement Time Book Skill
44MagnumBullet.png 44 Magnum Round BulletTip.png Bullet Tip *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *3, BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing *1 Workbench - 0 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
762mmBullet.png 7.62mm Round BulletTip.png Bullet Tip *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *3, BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing *1 Workbench - 0 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
9mmBullet.png 9mm Round BulletTip.png Bullet Tip *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *1, BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing *1 Workbench - 0 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
MineAirFilter.png Air Filter Land Mine ScrapIron.png Scrap Iron *25, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *20, AirFilter.png Car Air Filter *1, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1, Spring.png Spring *1 Workbench - 5 - -
CookingPot.png Cooking Pot Mine ScrapIron.png Scrap Iron *10, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *10, CookingPot.png Cooking Pot *1, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *2 Workbench - 2 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
ExplodingCrossbowBolt.png Exploding Crossbow Bolt SteelArrowHead.png Steel Arrowhead *1, Woodresource.png Wood *1, Feather.png Feather *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *8, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1 Workbench - 0.25 Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic -
FlamingArrow.png Flaming Arrow SteelArrow.png Steel Arrow *1, Tallow.png Tallow *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *2, Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *1 Workbench - 16 Flaming Arrow Schematic -
MineHubcap.png Hub Cap Land Mine ScrapIron.png Scrap Iron *15, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *13, Hubcap.png Hub Cap *1, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1, Spring.png Spring *1 Workbench - 3 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb YuccaFibers.png Plant Fibers *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *10, ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe *1 Workbench - 0 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
Pressure Plate Mine.png Pressure Plate Mine ScrapIron.png Scrap Iron *30, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *8, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1 Workbench - 6 - -
A13Rocket.png Rocket HE A13RocketTip.png Rocket Tip *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *16, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *3, GasCan.png Gas Can *100, A13RocketCasing.png Rocket Casing *1 Workbench - 0 - -
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell Buckshot.png Buckshot *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *2, Paper.png Paper *1 Workbench - 0 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
ShotgunSlug.png Shotgun Slug BulletTip.png Bullet Tip *5, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *4, BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing *3 Workbench - 0 - Yeah, Science (Perk)
Tnt.png Stick of Dynamite YuccaFibers.png Plant Fibers *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *16, Paper.png Paper *8 Workbench - 0 - -
Tnt.png TNT YuccaFibers.png Plant Fibers *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *20, Paper.png Paper *10, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1 Workbench - 0 - -
MineCandyTin.png Tin Land Mine ScrapIron.png Scrap Iron *10, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *8, CandyTin.png Candy Tin Can *1, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1 Workbench - 2 - -

Explosives[edit | edit source]

Name Gunpowder Entity
Range Type
Air Filter Land Mine 20 350 20 5 Mine
Cooking Pot Mine 10 85 10 3 Mine
Exploding Crossbow Bolt 8 80 100 4 Ammo
Gas Barrel* 0 200 200 4 Placed
Hub Cap Land Mine 13 90 15 5 Mine
Pipe Bomb 10 90 10 5 Thrown
Pressure Plate Mine 8 75 10 3 Mine
Rocket 16 350 500 5 Ammo
Stick of Dynamite 16 320 900 6 Thrown
Tin Land Mine 8 45 10 4 Mine
TNT 20 300 3000 5 Placed
  • Note: Gas Barrels are made from 600 Gas Cans, included for comparison only.