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Description[edit | edit source]

Fullness is one of the four main player statistics. The Fullness stat is the same as Max Stamina, e.g. if Fullness is on 50, then Stamina will only regenerate up to 50. Fullness will decrease over time, which is seen as the players Fullness meter gets lower. Moving around, swinging tools, and punching will all lower the players Fullness faster. If Fullness reaches zero, the player will receive the Hungry de-buff. This in turn will advance to the Starving de-buff after a short period of time, if the player doesn't eat anything, after which the player will die.

Fullness[edit | edit source]

Certain food and edible items can be eaten by the player to fill their Fullness meter, in the game this expressed as an items Fullness value.

  • There are currently no edible items in the game that have any negative effects on the players Fullness meter
  • The following items have a positive Fullness value and will replenish the players Fullness meter:
Food Fullness
BaconandEggs.png Bacon and Eggs +36
BakedPotato.png Baked Potato
Beer.png Beer
Blueberries.png Blueberries +1
BlueberryPie.png Blueberry Pie +31
Eggboiled.png Boiled Egg +10
VenisonBoiled.png Boiled Meat
CannedWater.png Boiled Water
BottledRiverWater.png Bottled Murky Water
BottledWater.png Bottled Water
CanCatfood.png Can of Cat Food +5
CanChili.png Can of Chili +15
CanDogfood.png Can of Dog Food +10
CanHam.png Can of Ham +7
CanMiso.png Can of Miso +5
CannedMurkyWater.png Can of Murky Water
CanPasta.png Can of Pasta
CanPears.png Can of Pears +5
CanPeas.png Can of Peas +5
CanSalmon.png Can of Salmon +5
CanSoup.png Can of Soup +5
CanStock.png Can of Stock +5
CanTuna.png Can of Tuna +5
VenisonCharred.png Charred Meat
CanChicken.png Chicken Ration +15
CanSoup.png Chicken Soup +5
ChiliDog.png Chili Dog
Coffee.png Coffee
CornBread.png Corn Bread
CornMeal.png Corn Meal
CornOnTheCob.png Corn on the Cob
Corn.png Ear of Corn
Egg.png Egg +3
FishTacos.png Fish Tacos
GoldenRodTea.png Golden Rod Tea
GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol
VenisonGrilled.png Grilled Meat
HoboStew.png Hobo Stew
HopsFlower.png Hop Flower
FoodHoney.png Jar of Honey
CanLamb.png Lamb Rations +15
CanBeef.png Large Beef Ration +15
VenisonStew.png Meat Stew
MegaCrush.png Mega Crush
MoldyBread.png Moldy Bread
Mushrooms.png Mushrooms
OldShamSandwich.png Old Sham Sandwich
Potato.png Potato
Venison.png Raw Meat +1
RedTea.png Red Tea
Rotting Flesh.png Rotting Flesh +10
ShamChowder.png Sham Chowder
Snowberries.png Snowberries
Snowberryjuice.png Snowberry Juice
SteakAndPotatoMeal.png Steak and Potato Meal
VegetableStew.png Vegetable Stew
FoodYuccaFruit.png Yucca Fruit
FoodYuccaJuice.png Yucca Juice
FoodYuccaSmoothie.png Yucca Juice Smoothie 22

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