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Current game stage: 1
Fire Station
Fire Station.jpg

In-game Screenshot
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Category Point of Interest
Biome Desert
Coordinates 1732 S, 1882 E
Game Worlds
Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

The Fire Station is a poi in Departure that was added, alongside the city, in Alpha 16. Fire Station is made up of three main rooms. The first room is an office are that leads to either the upstairs section or to the main warehouse. Upstairs is a bedding area with 5 beds, two washing machines and a vending machine. It also has a exit into the main warehouse. The main warehouse contains 2 Gun Safes, 8 Random Crates and One Stiff working tools crate. The main warehouse also has a vending machine. Linking to the warehouse is a small bathroom area with showers and toilets. The other door leading out of the warehouse takes you to the back of the Fire Station next to a Trash bin.

The Fire Station is made of Concrete and Reinforced Glass, this makes it possible for a base conversion. However the large size of the Fire Station makes it awkward, time consuming and resource heavy to have as a base.


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