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Crafting is the process of making an item from its constituent parts. Crafting is an integral aspect of 7 Days to Die that is accomplished via the Crafting Menu. Almost all items and blocks found in-game can be crafted with only a few exceptions. By utilizing crafting, you can obtain access to items to aid in your survival without requiring the luck of finding the item through looting.

Components used for crafting are obtained via looting, defeating Zombies, farming, mining, or harvesting. Some components need to be crafted from other base components. Once you have obtained all the necessary components, and find an appropriate crafting station if needed, and upon learning any necessary skill or recipe for the item, you can proceed to craft the item.

How to Craft

To craft items, the player must select the specific item in his crafting menu and already have the needed resources used to craft specific items, in the inventory, to finally click the button "craft". Optionally, the player can select how many items should be crafted by clicking the "left arrow" and "right arrow" located at the top left in the right panel. This amount can also be changed simply by entering it in the input panel located between the two arrows.

If an item cannot be crafted (colored in light grey) it's either due to insufficient resources or your character not knowing how to craft specific items. To craft such an item, your character first has to read a specific book or schematic to unlock the recipe.

Craftable items

Due to the number of craftable items and server limitations, the comprehensive table had to be split:

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