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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1

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Weapons & Traps

Item Category Required Materials Workstation Unlocked Through
44Magnum.png .44 Magnum Weapon Workbench
Ak47.png AK-47 Machine Gun Weapon Workbench Machine Gunner lvl 1
BaseballBat.png Baseball Bat Weapon
Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Weapon Workbench
BoneShiv.png Bone Knife Weapon, Tool
Chainsaw.png Chainsaw Tool, Weapon Workbench Advanced Engineering lvl 4
Clawhammer.png Claw Hammer Tool, Weapon Miner 69er lvl 1
CompoundCrossbow.png Compound Crossbow Weapon Workbench
ThrownGrenadeContact.png Contact Grenade Weapon Workbench Demolitions Expert lvl 5
DoubleBarrelShotgun.png Double Barrel Shotgun Weapon Workbench
Flashlight02.png Flashlight Weapon Workbench
ThrownGrenade.png Grenade Weapon Workbench Demolitions Expert lvl 3
HuntingKnife.png Hunting Knife Weapon, Tool
HuntingRifle.png Hunting Rifle Weapon Workbench Dead Eye lvl 1
Crossbow.png Iron Crossbow Weapon Workbench Archery lvl 1
Fireaxe.png Iron Fireaxe Tool, Weapon Miner 69er lvl 1
IronKnuckles.png Iron Knuckles Weapon The Brawler lvl 1
PickaxeIron.png Iron Pickaxe Tool, Weapon Miner 69er lvl 1
ClubIron.png Iron Reinforced Club Weapon
Shovel.png Iron Shovel Tool, Weapon Miner 69er
Sledgehammer.png Iron Sledgehammer Tool, Weapon
IronSpear.png Iron Spear Weapon Javelin Master lvl 1
JunkTurret.png Junk Turret Trap, Weapon Workbench Turrets Syndrome lvl 1
KnuckleWraps.png Knuckle Wraps Weapon
M60MachineGun.png M60 Machine Gun Weapon Workbench
Machete.png Machete Weapon, Tool
SniperRifle.png Marksman Rifle Weapon Workbench
MolotovCocktail.png Molotov Cocktail Weapon
Nailgun.png Nailgun Tool, Weapon Workbench Advanced Engineering lvl 4
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb Weapon Workbench Demolitions Expert lvl 1
Pistol.png Pistol Weapon Workbench Gunslinger lvl 1
A13RocketLauncher.png Rocket Launcher Weapon Workbench Demolitions Expert lvl 4
MP5.png SMG-5 Weapon Workbench
PumpShotgun.png Shotgun Weapon Workbench
FireaxeSteel.png Steel Fireaxe Tool, Weapon
SteelKnuckles.png Steel Knuckles Weapon
PickaxeSteel.png Steel Pickaxe Tool, Weapon
Steel Shovel.png Steel Shovel Tool, Weapon
SteelSledgehammer.png Steel Sledgehammer Tool, Weapon
SteelSpear.png Steel Spear Weapon
Tnt.png Stick of Dynamite Weapon Workbench Demolitions Expert lvl 2
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe Tool, Weapon
StoneShovel.png Stone Shovel Tool, Weapon
StoneSledgehammer.png Stone Sledgehammer Tool, Weapon
StoneSpear.png Stone Spear Weapon
StunBaton.png Stun Baton Weapon Workbench
ThrownTimedCharge.png Timed Charge Weapon Workbench Demolitions Expert lvl 4
Torch.png Torch Placeable, Weapon
ClubWood.png Wooden Club Weapon
Wrench.png Wrench Tool, Weapon Salvage Operations lvl 1

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