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Weapons & Traps

Item Category Required Materials Workstation Unlocked Through
44Magnum.png 44 Magnum Firearms Enforcer Magazine
44MagnumBullet.png 44 Magnum Bullet Ammunition Workbench .44 Magnum Round Crafting (Perk)
762mmBullet.png 7.62mm Bullet Ammunition Workbench 7.62mm Round Crafting (Perk)
9mmBullet.png 9mm Bullet Ammunition Workbench 9mm Round Crafting (Perk)
Ak47.png Ak 47 Firearms Ak 47 Schematic
Arrow.png Arrow Ammunition
Auger.png Auger Tool, Weapon Auger Schematic
ClubBarbed.png Barbed Club Weapon
Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Firearms
BlunderbussAmmo.png Blunderbuss Ammo Ammunition
BoneShiv.png Bone Shiv Weapon
Buckshot.png Buckshot Ammunition Part Forge Shotgun Shell Schematic
BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing Ammunition Part Forge
BulletTip.png Bullet Tip Ammunition Part Forge
Chainsaw.png Chainsaw Tool, Weapon
Clawhammer.png Claw Hammer Tool, Weapon
CompoundBow.png Compound Bow Weapon Compound Schematic
Crossbow.png Crossbow Weapon Crossbow Schematic
ExplodingCrossbowBolt.png Exploding Crossbow Bolt Ammunition Workbench Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic
FlamingArrow.png Flaming Arrow Ammunition Workbench Flaming Arrow Schematic
Flashlight02.png Flashlight Lighting, Weapon Workbench
Hoe.png Gardening Hoe Tool, Weapon
OilBarrel.png Gas Barrel Explosive, Weapon
GunPowder.png Gun Powder Ammunition Part
Chemistry Station
HuntingKnife.png Hunting Knife Weapon, Butcher Hunting Knife Book
HuntingRifle.png Hunting Rifle Firearms Hunting Rifle Schematic
IronArrow.png Iron Arrow Ammunition
IronCrossbowBolt.png Iron Crossbow Bolt Ammunition
Fireaxe.png Iron Fireaxe Tool, Weapon
PickaxeIron.png Iron Pickaxe Tool, Weapon
ClubIron.png Iron Reinforced Club Weapon
Shovel.png Iron Shovel Tool, Weapon
Machete.png Machete Weapon Workbench
MolotovCocktail.png Molotov Cocktail Weapon
Nailgun.png Nailgun Tool, Weapon
Nails.png Nails Ammunition Forge
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb Weapon Workbench
Pistol.png Pistol Firearms Pistol Book
A13Rocket.png Rocket Ammunition Workbench
A13RocketLauncher.png Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Schematics
MP5.png SMG Firearms SMG Schematic
SawedOffPumpShotgun.png Sawed-off Shotgun Firearms Sawed-off Shotgun Schematic
PumpShotgun.png Shotgun Firearms Shotgun Schematic
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell Ammunition Workbench Shotgun Shell Crafting (Perk)
ShotgunSlug.png Shotgun Slug Ammunition Workbench Shotgun Slug Schematic
Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer Tool, Weapon Sledgehammer Schematic
SniperRifle.png Sniper Rifle Firearms Sniper Rifle Schematic
ClubSpiked.png Spiked Club Weapon Spiked Club Schematic
SteelArrow.png Steel Arrow Ammunition
SteelCrossbowBolt.png Steel Crossbow Bolt Ammunition
FireaxeSteel.png Steel Fireaxe Tool, Weapon Workbench
PickaxeSteel.png Steel Pickaxe Tool, Weapon Workbench Tool Smithing (Skill)
Steel Shovel.png Steel Shovel Tool, Weapon Workbench
Tnt.png Stick of Dynamite Weapon Workbench
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe Tool, Weapon
StoneShovel.png Stone Shovel Tool, Weapon
Tnt.png TNT Weapons,Explosive Workbench
StoneAxe.png Taza's Stone Axe Tool, Weapon
Torch.png Torch Lighting, Weapon
WoodenBow.png Wooden Bow Weapon
ClubWood.png Wooden Club Weapon
Wrench.png Wrench Tool, Weapon Workbench