Craftable gear

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Item Category Required Materials Unlocked Through
AnimalHideBoots.png Animal Hide Boots Gear
Bandana.png Bandana Gear
ClothShoes.png Cloth Boots Gear
ClothJacket.png Cloth Chest Armor Gear
ClothGloves.png Cloth Gloves Gear
ClothHat.png Cloth Head Armor Gear
ClothPants.png Cloth Leg Armor Gear
HeavyBanditBoots.png Iron Boots Gear
HeavyBanditChestArmor.png Iron Chest Armor Gear
HeavyBanditGloves.png Iron Gloves Gear
HeavyBanditGasmask.png Iron Helmet Gear
HeavyBanditLegArmor.png Iron Leg Armor Gear
LeatherBoots.png Leather Boots Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
LeatherJacket.png Leather Chest Armor Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
LeatherGloves.png Leather Gloves Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
LeatherHat.png Leather Hood Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
LeatherPants.png Leather Leg Armor Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
AnimalHidePoncho.png Leather Poncho Gear
MilitaryBoots.png Military Boots Gear
MilitaryGloves.png Military Gloves Gear
MilitaryHelmet.png Military Helmet Gear
MilitaryLegArmor.png Military Leg Armor Gear
MilitaryVest.png Military Vest Gear
MiningHelmet.png Mining Helmet Gear
PlantFiberBoots.png Plant Fiber Boots Gear
PlantFiberGloves.png Plant Fiber Gloves Gear
PlantFiberHat.png Plant Fiber Hat Gear
PlantFiberHood.png Plant Fiber Hood Gear
PlantFiberPants.png Plant Fiber Pants Gear
PlantFiberShirt.png Plant Fiber Shirt Gear
ScrapBoots.png Scrap Boots Gear MacDyvers Book
ScrapChestArmor.png Scrap Chest Armor Gear MacDyvers Book
ScrapGloves.png Scrap Gloves Gear MacDyvers Book
ScrapHelmet.png Scrap Helmet Gear Scrap Helmet Schematic
ScrapLegArmor.png Scrap Leg Armor Gear Scrap Leg Armor Schematic
IronBoots.png Steel Boots Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
IronChestArmor.png Steel Chest Armor Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
IronGloves.png Steel Gloves Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
IronHelmet.png Steel Helmet Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)
IronLegArmor.png Steel Leg Armor Gear Hammer and Forge (Perk)