Craftable food/cooking

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Item Category Required Materials Workstation Unlocked Through
Antibiotics.png Antibiotics Medical supplies Camp Fire
Chemistry Station
BaconandEggs.png Bacon and Eggs Food Camp Fire
BakedPotato.png Baked Potato Food Campfire
BlueberryPie.png Blueberry Pie Food Camp Fire
Eggboiled.png Boiled Egg Food Camp Fire
VenisonBoiled.png Boiled Meat Food Camp Fire
CannedWater.png Boiled Water Food Camp Fire
Camp Fire
BottledWater.png Bottled Water Food Camp Fire
VenisonCharred.png Charred Meat Food Camp Fire
Coffee.png Coffee Food Camp Fire
CornBread.png Corn Bread Food Camp Fire
CornOnTheCob.png Corn on the Cob Food Camp Fire
Fertilizer.png Fertilizer Chemistry Station
Camp Fire
Cement Mixer
GoldenRodTea.png Golden Rod Tea Food Campfire
GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol Food Chemistry Station
VenisonGrilled.png Grilled Meat Food Camp Fire
VenisonStew.png Meat Stew Food Camp Fire
RedTea.png Red Tea Food, Beverages Camp Fire
Snowberryjuice.png Snowberry Juice Food
Tallow.png Tallow Ingredient Camp Fire
VegetableStew.png Vegetable Stew Food Campfire