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Current game stage: 1
Cloth Fragment
Item Group Resources, Clothing
Categories Basic Resource


Hit Points
Durability (Min Level)
Durability (Max Level)
Durability Loss per Use
Vehicle Base Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed
Horizontal Support
Light Value
Noise Volume
Noise Range
Activity Level Strength
Activity Level Time
Activity Level Frequency
Activity Level Strength
Activity Level Time
Activity Level Frequency
Gear Slots
Inventory Slots
Max Stack 250
Storage Slots
Mobility Decrease %
Stamina Decrease /sec
Mod Type
Mod Compatibility
Base Price
Modified by
Attack stats
Max Range
Effective Range
Entity Damage
Entity Power Attack Damage
Power Attack Multiplier
Explosive Radius (Entity)
Body-part disable chance (base)
Body-part disable chance (max)
Critical Chance
Attacks per minute
Rounds per minute
Attacks per minute
Attacks per minute / 60
Muzzle Flash
Shot Volume
Hip Accuracy
Aim Accuracy
Unholster time
Reload Time (seconds)
Stamina per Use
Block Range
Block Damage
Power Attack Multiplier
Explosive Radius (Block)
Multiplier: cloth
Multiplier: earth
Multiplier: metal
Multiplier: organic
Multiplier: stone
Multiplier: water
Multiplier: wood
Multiplier: glass
Additional effects
Initial Experience
Subsequent Experience
Armor stats
Armor Rating
Effect Resistance
Cold Resist °F, 0°C
Heat Resist °F, 0°C
Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Food
Effect on Water
Effect on Max Health
Food Poisoning prob. %
Other Effects
Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Food
Effect on Water
Effect on Max Health
Food Poisoning prob. %
Other Effects
Butcher Tool
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Hoe Tool
Hoe Multiplier
Hoe Damage Multiplier
Repairs per minute
Block Repair Range
Ammo Type
Requires Electrical Power
Smelted Into
Smelted Amount
Burn Time as Fuel 0:01
Provides Electrical Power
Other uses
Used by
Upgrades into
Used to craft
Crafting Ingredient Time
Unlocked with
Learned with
Ingredients Used
Repaired using
Scraps into
Scraps into ScrapBrass.png
Scraps into Cloth.png
Scraps into ElectricParts.png
Scraps into Glass.png
Scraps into ScrapIron.png
Scraps into ScrapLead.png
Scraps into Leather.png
Scraps into MechanicalParts.png
Scraps into MilitaryFiber.png
Scraps into Paper.png
Scraps into YuccaFibers.png
Scraps into ScrapPlastics.png
Scraps into RockSmall.png
Scraps into ScrapTungsten.png
Scraps into Woodresource.png
Breaks into
Seed used
Light Opacity
Growth stages
Time to grow
Used to grow
Crop produced
Looting Yes
Crafting Yes
Has Schematic
Loot Containers

A Cloth Fragment is a multi-purpose part that can be scavenged throughout the map in 7 Days to Die. It can often be found in rubbish or trash along with Paper. It is one of the more common but useful items found in the game because the player can craft other items with it. Cloth Fragments are also found by destroying curtains as well as Awning Red Blocks, both of which will drop one to four Cloth Fragments.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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Harvesting[edit | edit source]

Besides crafting, Cloth Fragment can also be found by harvesting blocks.

Block Tool Common Location
Camo Netting Block Any Army Base
Old Couch Middle Any Diner
Weathered Backpack Any Campsite
An Old Bed Any Hospital
Mattress Any Traders
Mattress Any Hospital
Birdnest Wrench Canyon Mine
Curtain top1 Sheet3 Any Theatre
Damaged Sedan Any Jims Cars
King Sized Bed Any Apartment Building

Usage[edit | edit source]


The following recipes require Cloth Fragment:

Item Required Materials
Bed01.png An Old Bed Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *20, ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe *10, CottonPlant.png Cotton Plant *20, Spring.png Spring *10
Awning1.png Awning Red Blocks Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *10
WedgeAwning1.png Awning Wedge 1 Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *10
ArmyPants.png BDU Bottoms Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *25, MilitaryFiber.png Military Fiber *1, SewingKit.png Sewing Kit *3
ArmyShirt.png BDU Top Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *25, MilitaryFiber.png Military Fiber *1, SewingKit.png Sewing Kit *3
Bandolier.png Bandolier Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *10, ScrapPlastics.png Scrap Polymers *2, Leather.png Leather *15, Glue.png Glue *3, SewingKit.png Sewing Kit *1
FirstAidBandage.png First Aid Bandage AloeCream.png Aloe Cream *1, Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *2
FlamingArrow.png Flaming Arrow SteelArrowHead.png Steel Arrow *1, ScrapPlastics.png Scrap Polymers *2, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *2, Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *1, Tallow.png Tallow *1
FlamingCrossbowBolt.png Flaming Crossbow Bolt SteelArrowHead.png Steel Arrowhead *1, ScrapPlastics.png Scrap Polymers *2, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *2, Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *1, Tallow.png Tallow *1
InsulatedLiner.png Insulated Liner Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *10, ScrapPlastics.png Scrap Polymers *2, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *2, SewingKit.png Sewing Kit *1
Bed02.png King Sized Bed Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *40, CottonPlant.png Cotton Plant *40, Spring.png Spring *20, Woodresource.png Wood *20, ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe *10
MolotovCocktail.png Molotov Cocktail Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *1, GasCan.png Gas Can *300, Oil.png Oil *1, EmptyJar.png Glass Jar *1
SectionalCorner.png Old Couch Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *5, Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *10
PlasterCast.png Plaster Cast Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *2, CornMeal.png Corn Meal *4, CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *2, BottledRiverWater.png Bottled Murky Water *1
Sandbags.png Sandbags Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *10, CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *10
Bandage.png Simple Bandage Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *2
Splint.png Splint Woodresource.png Wood *2, Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *2, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1
ClothingStoragePocket.png Storage Pocket (Clothing) Leather.png Leather *2, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1, MechanicalParts.png Cloth Fragment *15, SewingKit.png Sewing Kit *1
Torch.png Torch Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *1, AnimalFat.png Animal Fat *1, Woodresource.png Wood *1

Common Crafting Junk

Cloth.pngCloth Fragment, DuctTape.pngDuct Tape, ElectricParts.pngElectrical Parts, Leather.pngLeather, MechanicalParts.pngMechanical Parts, Nails.pngNails, Paper.pngPaper, YuccaFibers.pngPlant Fibers, ScrapPlastics.pngScrap Polymers, ShortMetalPipe.pngShort Iron Pipe, RockSmall.pngSmall Stone, Woodresource.pngWood