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A Door is a block that is generally used for stopping access to a passage way or room.

A Door has a light opacity of 1 so it is possible to create a farm near or under it.

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Usage[edit source]

A Door offers three security feature options, in relation to the player's control of the Door. Holding down the 'E' key, while looking at the Reinforced Secure Wooden Door, will bring up the following three icons:

  • SecurePassword.png Left Icon - This is a keypad icon and is used to set up a password for the Door, moving the cursor over the icon and releasing the E key will bring up the password input box. Using the password input box the player can type any password they like and set it by clicking the green set button, or press the red cancel button to exit the menu and cancel the password input. Once the player has set a password they will have to enter it into the Door to be able to open it, this only needs to be done the first time the player uses the Door. Any player that knows the door code will be able to open this Door.
  • OpenDoor.png Center Icon - This is a doorway icon, moving the cursor over this icon and releasing the E key with either open or close the Door depending on which state it was in when the player pushed down the E button.
  • SecureLocks.png Right Icon - This is a padlock icon and represents the Door lock, moving the cursor over the icon and releasing the E key will toggle the Door between being either locked or unlocked. A Door that is locked without a password can only be opened by the player that locked it.

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