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Building Materials[edit | edit source]

This article lists all items used for building structures including important stats.

Alpha 16[edit | edit source]

As of Alpha 16, the game has been updated with a large number of new blocks and a lot of blocks have been discontinued.

This is a list of the Building Materials up to Alpha 16. As items are updated they will automatically move (caching permitting) from the list below to this list.

Name Group Type Breaks into Upgrades to Durability Cumulative
Max Load Mass Updated Last Confirmed
BarbedWire.png Barbed Wire Tools/Traps, Science Perimeter Fence 200 200 10 1 Alpha 16.2

Out of Date[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the Building Materials that need to be updated to version Alpha 16. Building material will appear in this list if the confirmed_version field has not been updated to include the Alpha 16 value. Updating this field should only be done when the item has been confirmed to be correct as of Alpha 16.

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Historical Information[edit | edit source]

As of Alpha 13 the hardness of all blocks was set to 1. The 'durability' of a block is now determined by hit points (HP) for each block. When some blocks are broken, they are replaced with another block. Thus the total HP (THP) for a block is the HP of that block plus every block it will break into before the block is completely destroyed. IE. Old Wood (HP 500) will break into a Wood Frame (HP 100) so the THP of Old Wood is (500 + 100) = 600. Reinforced Wood (HP 500) breaks into Old Wood (THP 600) so the THP of Reinforced Wood is (500 + 600) = 1100.

It is important to note that the upgrade/breaking path is not 1 to 1. For example, Metal Reinforced Wood (HP 500 / THP 1600) upgrades into a Scrap Iron Wall (HP 750 / THP 1500) but a Scrap Iron Wall breaks into a Scrap Iron Frame(HP 750 / THP 750), not Metal Reinforced Wood. This means that an upgrade can actually reduce the THP of a block. Presumably this will be fixed in further patches.

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