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Block Damage

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Block Damage index of a tool or weapon determines how much damage is inflicted to a block. You can obtain this index using the Item Stats functionality added to the game in the alpha 7.6. To do this, place the mouse over an item to see the Object Stats, including its Block Damage.
The damage inflicted depends on Block Damage, Appropriate Tool, Durability of the tool/weapon used and Stamina of the player.

Use[edit | edit source]

Block Damage is used to calculate the Durability of blocks.

Calculation[edit | edit source]

  x = Hardness ÷ Block Damage (Appropriate Tool)
If x = Integer
Then Durability = x + 1
Else Durability = RoundUp(x)
In words: Divide Hardness by the Block Damage of the Appropriate Tool and add one if whole number or round up the quotient.

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