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Navezgane has many different animals to hunt, kill, and harvest. Most common animals like a Stag, or Rabbit will flee from the player if they see or hear them. Other more rare types of animals like the Wolf, and Bear will attack you on sight. There are some animals that have been infected and have become Zombie animals, these animals will provide Rotting Flesh instead of Raw Meat and will still provide Bones, Animal Hide, and Animal Fat.

A Bone Shiv, Hunting Knife, and Machete will always be the best tools to harvest any animal as they can provide the player with extra resources. It also as a small benefit of leveling the player's skill level with Bladed Weapons.

Unlike the other Passive animals the Boar will fight back but only if they are provoked.

Passive Animals[edit | edit source]

Hostile Animals[edit | edit source]

Zombie Animals[edit | edit source]

Removed Animals[edit | edit source]