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February, 2016 Events[edit source]

The latest project for this wiki is a wiki-wide cleanup and update in relation to A13. We have several pages that need addressed in relation to the changes made in A13 and need your help!

You can visit this project's main page for more details: Project Cleanup.

March, 2016 Events[edit source]

To continue our spring-cleaning, the main thing to accomplish this month is to get all "craft-able" items updated with the new Template:Recipe so that list pages are accurately populated.

More details are on the main cleanup project page.

May, 2016 Events[edit source]

The skills and perks might have been the change from A14 that has given us the most work here at the wiki. For the month of May, our organized event is to get them all documented. See the Community Portal for full details.

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