Gardening Hoe

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Gardening Hoe
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Item ID hoe
Group Tools/Traps
Category Tool, Weapon
Type Melee
Tool Type Manual
Found in
Obtained through
Breaks into
Gear Slot
Used to place
Cooking Ingredient [[Category:]]
Meltable Yes
Scrappable Yes
Dismantleable No
Lockable [[Category:]]
Crafting Skill Group Tool Smithing (Skill)
Action Skill Group Mining Tools (Skill)

Hit Points
Storage Slots
Smell on Belt
Smell strength on Belt
Smell in Bag
Smell strength in Bag
Cumulative Durability
Durability (Base Quality) 200
Durability (Max Quality) 1000
Degradation Rate
Structural Integrity
Max Load
Appropriate Tool
Heat Map Strength
Heat Map Time
Heat Map Frequency
Inventory Slots
Max Stack

Attack Statistics
Entity Damage
Explosive Radius (Entity)
Entity Damage (Base Quality) 4
Entity Damage (Max Quality) 12
Block Damage
Explosive Radius (Block)
Block Damage (Base Quality) 10
Block Damage (Max Quality) 20
Critical Chance
Range 2
Range (Base Quality)
Range (Max Quality)
Dismemberment Chance (Base)
Dismemberment Chance (Max)
Accuracy (Base)
Accuracy (Max)
Attack Speed 1
Reload Speed
Stamina Usage 4
Multiplier: Headshot 3
Multiplier: Cloth
Multiplier: Concrete
Multiplier: Earth 2
Multiplier: Glass 25
Multiplier: Metal 0
Multiplier: Stone 0
Multiplier: Wood
Buff Chance  %
Buff Effect
Initial Experience
Subsequent Experience

Insulation °F, 0°C
Waterproof  %
Concussive  %
Puncture  %
Explosive  %
Radiation  %
Fire  %
Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Health
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Wellness
Effect on Gassiness
Other Effects

Ammo Type
Used by


Unlocked through
Repaired using Forged Iron
Amount 30
Repair Speed 0.6
Used to craft
Used Gun Parts

Upgrades Into
Used to upgrade
Used Parts
Ingredient Time

Unlocked through
Used to cook
Cookware Used
Ingredients Used

Unlocked Through
Used in
Ingredients Used

Scraps into
ScrapIron.pngScrap Iron 1:4
ScrapBrass.pngScrap Brass [[Category:]]
ScrapLead.pngScrap Lead [[Category:]]
ScrapTungsten.pngScrap Tungsten [[Category:]]
Cloth.pngCloth Fragment

Used to forge
Weight (lbs) 2.0
Forge Weight (oz) 32
Material Iron
Combustible Yes
Burn Time 0:24

Crop produced
Seed used
Growth stages
Time to grow
Used to grow

Obtained through
Creative Menu [[Category:]]
Cooking [[Category:]]
Crafting Yes
Dismantling [[Category:]]
Farming [[Category:]]
Forging [[Category:]]
Looting Yes
Mining [[Category:]]
Scavenging [[Category:]]
Scrapping [[Category:]]
Upgrading [[Category:]]

Confirmed Alpha 15.1

Description[edit | edit source]

A Gardening Hoe is a Farming Tool that can be found throughout the world in 7 Days to Die. It can be crafted using the correct items and is easy to craft, but with the recipe requiring Forged Iron you will have to have a Forge to craft it. Its Durability will last for the duration of it's bar at which point it will stop working and have to be repaired. You can repair it with Forged Iron. With A13 the durability permanatly goes down with each repair according to your player level and tool crafting skill level. It cannot be dismantled, but it can be scrapped, melted in a Forge and burnt as a source of Combustible fuel. As a tool it is most effective when used on earth based items.

Uses[edit | edit source]

As a Tool[edit | edit source]

When used as a tool a Gardening Hoe is especially suited to tilling earth, which in turn allows the player to plant Seeds and Farm harvest-able plants. It is somewhat effective when used to destroy earth based blocks, it is not the appropriate tool for earth based blocks. A Gardening Hoe is capable of destroying blocks up to four blocks away. For tilling, the player must equip a Gardening Hoe and right-click on the selected earth to convert it into tilled land.

As a Weapon[edit | edit source]

It is not made to be used as a weapon, but will do damage to zombies.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Required Items[edit | edit source]

ForgedIron.png 16* Forged Iron Produces
Woodresource.png 20* Wood
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Crafting Recipe[edit | edit source]

To craft a Gardening Hoe just click on the ingredients in your inventory and select recipes or search for it in your crafting window search bar.

Repair[edit | edit source]

The condition of a Gardening Hoe deteriorates with each use until eventually it will stop working. It can be repaired using Forged Iron. Be aware though Durability is lowered with each repair so repair them sparingly.

Scrapping[edit | edit source]

A Gardening Hoe can be scrapped by clicking on the tool and selecting "scrap" This will allow the player to craft Scrap Iron.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The effectiveness of the tilling depends on the player's stamina and condition of the weapon. The higher the player's stamina and condition of their Gardening Hoe, the faster they will till.