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Food dictates your survival in 7 Days to Die. Without it you die, with too little of it life can be tedious and slow but with a lot of it, many new options and styles of play are available to the character. (Everything updated to 13.6 stats/recipes)

Early Game[edit | edit source]

  • In the early game you will want to use the canned food and bottled water you can find to survive.
  • The Empty Cans you get you can scrap into Scrap Iron.
  • Keep you empty jars and when you find water spots fill them up. Water is crucial to survival early.
  • You will find yourself needing a campfire for warmth no matter what, so the bottles of murky water will be able to be purified later and you can even down some murky water in worst case scenarios.
  • The harvesting system in place now (A13.6) make you harvest any animals for meat. You need a Bone Shiv, Machete, or a Hunting Knife to harvest an animal. Axes also work, but not as well.
  • Collect seeds while looting as they are very important to establishing yourself later on.

Mid to Late Game[edit | edit source]

  • As you start to establish yourself you can stop worrying about the canned food and use them more for worst case scenario days.
  • Start a garden near your base or at a spot that's conveinent for you and plant seeds on tilled dirt and wait for your plants to grow.
  • With your garden going and some animals harvested you can start focusing on Wellness increasing foods to increase your power. These foods include Goldenrod Tea, Meat Stew, Bacon and Eggs, and Corn Bread.

Food Fullness Hydration Health Stamina Wellness Gassiness Smell in Bag Smell on Belt Other Effects Type
CanHam.png Can of Ham +7 -5 +2 Canned
Blueberries.png Blueberries +1 +1 Raw
CanBeef.png Large Beef Ration +15 -10 +10 Canned
CanChicken.png Chicken Ration +15 -10 +10 Canned
CanChili.png Can of Chili +10 -5 +5 -15 Canned
CanLamb.png Lamb Ration +15 -10 +2 Canned
CanMiso.png Can of Miso +5 +10 +1 Canned
CanPeas.png Can of Peas +5 Canned
Potato.png Potato +2 Raw
Corn.png Ear of Corn +1 Raw
CornBread.png Corn Bread +5 +0.4 Boiled
FoodYuccaJuice.png Yucca Juice +15 +30 Crafted
BottledWater.png Bottled Water +20 +20 Boiled
Venison.png Raw Meat +10 +2 20m 60m Food Poisoning Raw
VenisonStew.png Meat Stew +20 0 +5 +1.6 20m 60m Boiled
CanCatfood.png Can of Cat Food +5 -2 +2 10 Canned
CanDogfood.png Can of Dog Food +5 -2 +2 15 Canned
CanPasta.png Can of Pasta +7 Canned
CanSalmon.png Can of Salmon +5 -5 +2 Canned
CanStock.png Can of Stock +5 +10 Canned
CanTuna.png Can of Tuna +5 -2 +2 Canned
Egg.png Egg +2 0 -8 -30 Food Poisoning Raw
FoodHoney.png Jar of Honey +5 0 +40 +0.4 Raw
FoodYuccaFruit.png Yucca Fruit +3 +10 Raw
BottledRiverWater.png Bottled Murky Water +15 +5 -0.1 Dysentery Raw
GoldenRodTea.png Goldenrod Tea +20 +40 +0.2 Boiled
Eggboiled.png Boiled Egg +4 +0.32 Boiled
Coffee.png Coffee -10 +100 Caffiene Buzz Boiled
CornOnTheCob.png Corn on the Cob +2 +2 +2 +0.08 1m 5m Boiled
BakedPotato.png Baked Potato +2 Grilled
BlueberryPie.png Blueberry Pie +10 +0.8 Boiled
BaconandEggs.png Bacon and Eggs +15 +3 +1 Grilled
MoldyBread.png Moldy Bread +10 0 0 Food Poisoning
GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol -5 +10 -0.5 Beer Buzz Boiled
OldShamSandwich.png Old Sham Sandwich +20 Food Poisoning Rotten
VegetableStew.png Vegetable Stew +7 0 +5 +0.1 20m 60m Boiled
CannedMurkyWater.png Canned Murky Water +15 +5 Dysentery Raw
CannedWater.png Boiled Water +20 +20 Iron
Beer.png Beer -1 +20 Beer Buzz
Rotting Flesh.png Rotting Flesh +10 -5 +5 -20 Food Poisoning
Mushrooms.png Mushrooms +3 +1 Raw
VenisonBoiled.png Boiled Meat +10 +2 +0.8 1m 5m Boiled
VenisonCharred.png Charred Meat +10 -5 +2 +0.8 10m 30m Charred
VenisonGrilled.png Grilled Meat +10 -2 +2 +0.8 5m 15m Grilled
CanSoup.png Can of Soup +5 +10 Canned
CornMeal.png Corn Meal +5 -10 Crafted
RedTea.png Red Tea +20 +40 Boiled