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[edit] Farming Basics

To start farming, you will need a Gardening Hoe, and sometimes, a Bucket. Right click on a dirt block that is within 4 blocks of a water source when using a hoe so as to till the land. Then to plant crops, right click the center of the tilled land while holding the correct Seeds. If done correctly, there will now be a small green plant object on the dirt. You can get seeds by simply picking corn or by turning vegetable and fruits into seeds with the crafting table.

Crops take approximately 2-3 days to grow so if you need a farm that will supply you with a constant food supply you would need to plant some crops each day as when some crops are on day one other crops will be being harvested and vice versa. Sometimes, some crops like Potato can grow very fast depending on the speed of the server.

For hydration and fullness, Blueberries are the best crop to farm, as they give a steady supply of Blueberries that need not be cooked to give dual benefits.

[edit] Seeds

[edit] Crops

  • Blueberries will give minimal benefits to Hydration and Fullness and are used mainly for the Blueberry Pie recipe. However, both foods have minimal benefits, but they are a cheap early-game consumables.
  • An Ear of Corn is extremely common and very useful - they are most commonly eaten raw and can be used to make Corn Meal which in turn is used to cook Blueberry Pie, Corn Bread or Grain Alcohol, with Corn Bread being a decent food item. An Ear of Corn can also be used to make the very filling Venison Stew.
  • Potato can be better used to make stew, but can be eaten raw. It cannot be found as a crop, but can be found as a slightly rare loot item in kitchen containers. It restores the most Fullness (six) when eaten if compared to the other two crops.

[edit] Extra

  • To make farming easier, place a block of water near the tilled dirt. This will moisten the dirt and the dirt will no longer need to be tilled over and over. To get water, use a bucket near a water source.
  • Some dirt looks to be tilled, but actually are not. This may result in some plants uprooting itself out of tilled dirt (may be a bug).

[edit] Warnings

  • Do not step or jump on the tilled land. This will most likely kill your crops and flatten your land and have to be tilled once again.
  • Zombies and animals have the same effect on crops, so it is best to keep anything that moves away from your farm.
  • Plants require sunlight to grow - torchlight will not permit growth underground. You can get around this by building secure skylights directly above your growth areas when growing underground. However, this means that plants will not grow at all during night.

[edit] Pictures

[edit] Bugs

  • Destroying the ground under a partially grown Blueberry Bush drops Painkillers.
  • In Alpha 9, Fertile Dirt almost immediately becomes grass-textured and regrows Tall Grass after being tilled, destroying planted sprouts. This renders farming almost impossible.