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Description[edit | edit source]

Farming is the process of seeding, growing, and harvesting various crops from seeds or saplings. There are several plants and trees that can be planted by the player and, in time, harvested. This concept allows the player to set up a farm and sustain the production of certain food, items, and resources.

Farming Basics[edit | edit source]

Farming requires seeds and a Gardening_Hoe. For most soil types, before seeds can be planted, the ground must be tilled by right-clicking with the hoe. Some dirt blocks can be planted with seeds directly, without tilling, but the crop yield will be too low to be useful (will produce only one seed per plant).

Soil has 3 levels of fertility:

  • Regular, unworked soil
  • Tilled soil
  • Tilled and fertilized soil

Regular, unworked soil can be found in any forest or plains biome. Planting on this soil yields only one seed per plant, except for trees, which produce multiple seeds when planted in unworked soil.

Tilled soil has been modified (upgraded) with a Gardening Hoe and will produce low numbers of seeds (2 - 3) seeds per plant.

Tilled and fertilized soil produces the largest number of seeds per plant (4 - 5 seeds, depending on the plant, see table below).

Locating Seeds.[edit | edit source]

Seeds, or the vegetables themselves, are found in loot like Trash Pile, Trash Can, Refrigerator, or Cabinets. If you find a seed you can plant it right away on tilled soil. If you find a vegetable, you will have to craft it into a seed by clicking it and going to "recipes" where you can craft the seeds for the given plant.

Trees[edit | edit source]

Live trees drop seeds at the end of the harvesting cycle. Tree seeds can then be planted to grow new trees, even in untilled soil. However, tree seeds must be planted at least three blocks away from each other. It is not possible to plant trees right next to each other.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Plants[edit | edit source]

These numbers are for soil which was prepared with a Hoe. However, if you used a Gardening Hoe again to put some Fertilizer into the ground, the amount of harvest-able products you will get, will be higher.

Plant Crafting
Produces Number of Seeds produced Growth time
Amount of harvestable product
Normal Tilled Tilled and Fertilized
Blueberry Bush yes Blueberry Seeds 1 120 1 2 4
Yucca Plant yes Yucca Seed 1 1 2 4
Coffee no Coffee Beans -- 120 1 2 4
Corn Plant yes Corn Seed 1 180 1 3 5
Cotton Plant yes Cotton Seed 1 120 1 2 4
Goldenrod Flower yes Goldenrod Seed 1 120 1 2 4
Chrysanthemum yes Chrysanthemum Seed 1 1 2
Potato Plant yes Potato Seeds 1 120 1 2 4
Mushroom* yes Mushroom Spores 1 120

Note *: Mushroom Spores require 2 Mushrooms and Dirt and produces 2 Mushroom Spores.

Trees[edit | edit source]

Plant Seeds crafting needed? Amount of Seeds
produced by felling tree
Growth time
Amount of harvest-able product Preparation
(No tilling required)
Blue Spruce Tree no, collected by completely cutting down a tree (Blue Spruce Seeds) 2 120 Approx. 1K wood per tree any soil based ground
Maple Tree no, collected by completely cutting down a tree (Maple Seeds) 2 120 Approx. 1K wood per tree any soil based ground
Pine Tree no, collected by completely cutting down a tree (Pine Seeds) 2 120 Approx. 1K wood per tree any soil based ground

Crops[edit | edit source]

  • Blueberries will give minimal benefits to Fullness and are used mainly for the Blueberry Pie recipe. But they are easily found growing in snow Biome as an early game food to live on. They can also be picked up and turned into seeds for farming later.
  • An Ear of Corn is extremely common in the plains Biome and very useful early game food as well, but can also be used to make Corn Meal as well as being an ingredient for Meat and Vegetable Stews.

Corn Meal in turn is used to cook:

An Ear of Corn can also be cooked into a Corn on the Cob.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some dirt looks tilled, but actually is not. This may result in some plants uprooting themselves out of tilled dirt (may be a bug).
  • Plants require sunlight to grow, torchlight will not permit growth underground. A player can get around this by building secure skylights directly above their grow areas when farming underground.
  • As of Alpha 9, water is no longer required for farming.
  • Plant properties can be changed in the Blocks.xml file.

Video Tutorial (Alpha 13)[edit | edit source]

The video below demonstrates how to farm all of the different crops found in 7 days to die as of alpha 13, with the exception of trees, since they can be planted anywhere dirt is found.

Images[edit | edit source]

Farm ready to harvest
Fertilized and freshly planted garden