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Description[edit | edit source]

Farming is the process of seeding, growing, and harvesting various crops from seeds or saplings. There are several plants and trees that can be planted by the player and, in time, harvested. This concept allows the player to set up a farm and sustain the production of certain food, items, and resources.

Farming Basics[edit | edit source]

To start farming, the player will need a Gardening Hoe and some Seeds to plant. By right clicking on an untouched dirt block with a Gardening Hoe, the player can till the land. If the fertile dirt is placed by the player, it does not need to be hoed and is immediately ready to be seeded. It is then possible to plant crops by right clicking in the center of the tilled land while holding the correct Seeds. If done correctly a small green seedling will appear on the tilled soil. Trees are planted in much the same fashion, however, there is no need for the player to till the ground first. Furthermore, tree saplings can be planted on virtually all flat horizontal blocks regardless of what the block is. Seeds can be obtained by simply placing the relevant vegetable into the center of the crafting table or by chopping down trees. The exception to this are Coffee Beans, which can be planted as is.

It is good to know for first time farmers that tilling the land will raise the selected block, turning it into Fertile Dirt, and it will lower the adjacent left and right sides of where you were looking. You will not be able to place seeds on the adjacent sides but this will allow you to easily create rows of tilled land if you wish to make a farm. Below is an example of the common farm row.

Three rows of tilled land.

Advanced Farming[edit | edit source]

There are also some other techniques that are arguably more effective than some of the techniques above, but require more mastering. A Gardening Hoe is not needed for this method of farming. You will need a Shovel, some Seeds to plant, and possibly Fertile Dirt. To begin you want a secure area to place your dirt, when the player places the dirt the use of a Gardening Hoe is not required to plant anything as long as the dirt remains brown. If a player takes too long to plant seed in the brown Fertile Dirt block then grass may grow on that block making it "potentially unusable"* for planting until it has been dug up and replaced. After a garden is fully planted on freshly placed Fertile Dirt re-digging up the Fertile Dirt is not needed as long as you plant before grass grows on the Fertile Dirt. Certain Seeds do not require the ground to be hoed or grassless, these are Cotton Seed, Corn Seed, Maple Seed**, and Pine Seed**.

When mastered this method makes it so that you can harvest, plant, and re-harvest many times with out ever touching a Gardening Hoe. You will have to dig up grassy Fertile Dirt block occasionally but if you plant quick enough after harvest the blocks will remain brown. Any Seeds that are planted in a brown Fertile Dirt block can potentially grow grass if they can be planted on grassy Fertile Dirt, again these are Cotton Seed, Corn Seed, Maple Seed**, and Pine Seed**.

(*)All seeds may be planted in a grassy Fertile Dirt block. The catch is that whenever you place Seeds (any that is not in the list above) in a grassy Fertile Dirt block any adjacent grassy Fertile Dirt blocks with planted Seeds will be uprooted. What that means is that if you plant seeds in brown Fertile Dirt blocks surrounding a single grassy Fertile Dirt block you can plant in that grassy block without uprooting any of the other Seeds.

(**)Maple Seed, and Pine Seed are to any block as Potato Seeds are to a grassy Fertile Dirt block, This means adjacent tree sapling will be uprooted when placing in any block, placing the seed in Fertile Dirt will prevent uprooting.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

Plants[edit | edit source]

Plant Seeds crafting needed? Amount of Seeds produced by crafting Growth time (min) Amount of harvestable product Preparation (Tools) needed?
Blueberry Bush yes (Blueberry Seeds) 1 120 4 tilled Fertile Dirt (Gardening Hoe)
Coffee Plant no (Coffee Beans) 0 120 2 tilled Fertile Dirt (Gardening Hoe)
Corn Plant yes (Corn Seeds) 4 180 2 + 3 tilled Fertile Dirt (Gardening Hoe)
Cotton Plant yes (Cotton Seed) 4 120 1 any soil based ground without Tall Grass or Small Stone
Goldenrod Flower yes (Goldenrod Seed) 4 120 1 any soil based ground without Tall Grass or Small Stone
Potato Plant yes (Potato Seeds) 4 120 2 tilled Fertile Dirt (Gardening Hoe)

Trees[edit | edit source]

Plant Seeds crafting needed? Amount of Seeds produced by felling tree Growth time (ingame days) Amount of harvestable product Preparation (Tools) needed?
Maple Tree no, collected with felling (Maple Seeds) 0-2 120 5-7 any soil based ground without Tall Grass or Small Stone
Pine Tree no, collected with felling (Pine Seeds) 0-2 120 Example any soil based ground without Tall Grass or Small Stone

Crops[edit | edit source]

  • Blueberries will give minimal benefits to Hydration and Fullness and are used mainly for the Blueberry Pie recipe. However, both foods have minimal benefits, but they are readily available early-game consumables.
  • An Ear of Corn is extremely common and very useful, they are most commonly eaten raw, but can be used to make Corn Meal.

Corn Meal in turn is used to cook:

An Ear of Corn can also be cooked into a Corn on the Cob.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some dirt looks tilled, but actually is not. This may result in some plants uprooting themselves out of tilled dirt (may be a bug).
  • Plants require sunlight to grow, torchlight will not permit growth underground. A player can get around this by building secure skylights directly above their grow areas when farming underground.
  • As of Alpha 9, water is no longer required for farming.
  • Plant properties can be changed in the Blocks.xml file.

Images[edit | edit source]

Corn and Potato farm
Backyard farm