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As you walk around Navezgane, your character can pick up various items along the way and add them to his or her inventory. As these items accumulate, a list of craftable items appears in box on the right side of the crafting mat on the inventory screen. This list contains all the items that could be crafted given the items currently in inventory.

To actually craft one of those items, the player must put them in the appropriate boxes on the crafting mat.

Craftable items

Item Category Required Materials
10mmBullet.png 10mm Bullet Ammunition Bullet Casing x1 , Gun Powder x2, Bullet Tip x1
44Magnum.png 44 Magnum Sidearm .44 Magnum Parts x1 , .44 Magnum Frame x1, .44 Magnum Cylinder x1, .44 Magnum Grip x1
44MagnumBullet.png 44 Magnum Bullet Ammunition Bullet Tip x1 , Gun Powder x2, Bullet Casing x1
762mmBullet.png 762mm Bullet Ammunition Bullet Casing x1 , Gun Powder x3, Bullet Tip x1
9mmBullet.png 9mm Bullet Ammunition Bullet Casing x1 , Gun Powder x1, Bullet Tip x1
MineAirFilter.png Air Filter Land Mine Trap Car Air Filter x1 , Gun Powder x3, Scrap Iron x3
AloeCream.png Aloe Cream Medical Supplies Glass Jar x1 , Aloe Plant x1
Bed01.png An Old Bed Furniture Short Iron Pipe x5 , Cloth Fragment x5
Awning1.png Awning 1 Building Material Plant Fibers x9
WedgeAwning1.png Awning Wedge 1 Building Material Awning 1 x3
FirstAidBandage.png Bandages Medical supplies Cloth Fragment x1 , Aloe Cream x1
ClubBarbed.png Barbed Club Weapon Scrap Iron x1 , Stick x4
BarbedFence.png Barbed Fence Wire Trap Barbed Wire x1 , Stick x2
BarbedWire.png Barbed Wire Building Material, Trap Forged Iron x3
BarnWood.png Barnwood Building Material Chrysanthemum x1 , Old Wood x8
BlueberrySeed.png Blueberry Seeds Seed Blueberries x1
BoneShiv.png Bone Shiv Weapon Large Bone x1
BottledMurkyWater.png Bottled Murky Water Food Glass Jar x1 , Snow x1
IngotMoldBrass.png Brass Ingot Mold Mold Lump of Clay x5
Brick.png Brick Building Material Clay x9
BrickPaver.png Brick Paver Building Material Clay x4
StairsPavers.png Brick Stairs Building Material Brick Paver x4
Bucket.png Bucket Tool Forged Iron x7
Buckshot.png Buckshot Ammo Part Lead Ingot x1
BulletCasingMold.png Bullet Casing Mold Mold Bullet Casing x1 , Lump of Clay x5
BulletTipMold.png Bullet Tip Mold Mold Bullet Tip x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Cabinet.png Cabinet Furniture Cabinet Top x1 , Cobblestones x1
CabinetTop.png Cabinet Top Furniture Red Wood Planks x1
Campfire.png Camp Fire Cooking Small Stone x8
CementMold.png Cement Mold Mold Lump of Clay x8
Bowl.png Clay Bowl Multi-purpose Part Lump of Clay x3
CoalTorch.png Coal Torch Lighting, Weapon Stick x1 , Lump of Coal x1
Cobblestones.png Cobblestone Rocks Multi-purpose Part Stone x1 , Cement x1
Destroyed Stone x1 , Cement x1
StairsStone.png Cobblestone Stairs Building Material Cobblestones x4
Concrete.png Concrete Building Material Stone x4 , Gravel x5
Gravel x1 , Cement x1
ConcreteSlope.png Concrete Ramp Building Material Concrete x3
StairsConcrete.png Concrete Stairs Building Material Concrete x4
CookingGrill.png Cooking Grill Cooking Short Iron Pipe x9
CookingPot.png Cooking Pot Cooking Forging Iron x5
CornMeal.png Corn Meal Food Ear of Corn x2
CornSeed.png Corn Seed Seed Ear of Corn x1
Crossbow.png Crossbow Weapon Plant Fibers x2 , Stick x8
CrossbowBolt.png Crossbow Bolt Ammunition Sharp Stone x1 , Stick x1, Feather x1
CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand Scrap Sand x1
Sandstone x1
BrickDecayed.png Decayed Brick Building Material Brick x1 , Dirt x1
DeskSafe.png Desk Safe Furniture Iron Ingot x4
Fireaxe.png Fireaxe Tool, Weapon Iron Ingot x2 , Stick x3
Forge.png Forge Furniture Small Stone x8 , Short Iron Pipe x1
ForgedIron.png Forged Iron Multi-purpose Part Iron Ingot x1
CornerFullWedgeAwning1.png Full Corner Awning Wedge 1 Building Material Awning Wedge 1 x3
Hoe.png Gardening Hoe Tool, Weapon Iron Ingot x2 , Stick x3
GasCan.png Gas Can Fuel Oil Barrel x1
Grain Alcohol x11
GlassWindowMold.png Glass Window Mold Mold Glass Pane x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Gravel.png Gravel Resource, Building Material Destroyed Stone x1
Cinder Block x1
GunPowder.png Gun Powder Ammo Part Potassium Nitrate Powder x1 , Lump of Coal x1
GunSafe.png Gun Safe Furniture Iron Ingot x15
HalfBlockConcrete.png Half Concrete Block Building Material Concrete x1
DoorHardMetal.png Hard Metal Door Furniture Iron Ingot x8
HayBale.png Hay Bale Building Material Blades of Tall Grass x4
MineHubcap.png Hub Cap Land Mine Trap Gun Powder x2 , Scrap Iron x1, Hub Cap x2
HuntingKnife.png Hunting Knife Weapon Iron Ingot x1 , Stick x1
HuntingRifle.png Hunting Rifle Firearm Hunting Rifle Bolt x1 , Hunting Rifle Barrel x1, Hunting Rifle Stock x1
HuntingRifleBarrel.png Hunting Rifle Barrel Gun Part Hunting Rifle Barrel x1
HuntingRifleBarrelMold.png Hunting Rifle Barrel Mold Mold Hunting Rifle Barrel x1 , Lump of Clay x5
HuntingRifleBolt.png Hunting Rifle Bolt Gun Part Hunting Rifle Bolt x1
HuntingRifleBoltMold.png Hunting Rifle Bolt Mold Mold Hunting Rifle Bolt x1 , Lump of Clay x5
HuntingRifleStock.png Hunting Rifle Stock Gun Part Wood Plank x5
IronBars.png Iron Bars Building Material Short Iron Pipe x19
IronBoots.png Iron Boots Gear Forged Iron x2 , leather x1
IronChestArmor.png Iron Chest Armor Gear Leather x5 , leather x1, Forged Iron x8
IronGloves.png Iron Gloves Gear Forged Iron x1 , Leather x1
IronHelmet.png Iron Helmet Gear Forged Iron x5
IngotMoldIron.png Iron Ingot Mold Mold Lump of Clay x5
IronLegArmor.png Iron Leg Armor Gear Forged Iron x7 , leather x5
ClubIron.png Iron Re-inforced Club Weapon Scrap Iron x2 , Stick x4
IronWall.png Iron Wall Building Material Iron Ingot x9
EmptyJarMold.png Jar Mold Mold Glass Jar x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Ladder.png Ladder Building Material Stick x12
IngotMoldLead.png Lead Ingot Mold Mold Lump of Clay x5
Leather.png Leather Resource Animal Hide x1
LeatherBoots.png Leather Boots Gear Leather x3
LeatherGloves.png Leather Gloves Gear Leather x2
LeatherHat.png Leather Hat Gear Leather x4
LeatherJacket.png Leather Jacket Gear Leather x8
LeatherPants.png Leather Pants Gear Leather x12
LeatherStrips.png Leather Strips Repair Tool Leather x1
LogCabin.png Log Cabin Wood Building Material Wood Log x2
ClayLump.png Lump of Clay Multi-purpose Part Clay x1
Bottled Water x1 , Corn Meal x1
Coal.png Lump of Coal Multi-purpose Part Coal Ore x1
LadderMetal.png Metal Ladder Building Material Short Iron Pipe x12
MetalStrips.png Metal Strips Repair Tool Short Iron Pipe x1
MetalTrussing.png Metal Trussing Building Material Short Iron Pipe x9
Nightstand.png Night Stand Furniture Wood Plank x9
OilBarrel.png Oil Barrel Explosive Gas Can x6
DoorWoodenOld.png Old Wood Door Furniture Old Plywood x8
WindowPaned01.png Paned Window Building Material Glass Pane x1 , Stick x8
Glass Pane x4 , Stick x21
Paper.png Paper Multi-purpose Part Book x1
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Tool, Weapon Iron Ingot x4 , Stick x3
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb Weapon Short Iron Pipe x1 , Gun Powder x1, Plant Fibers x1
Pistol.png Pistol Sidearm Pistol Barrel x1 , Pistol Receiver x1, Pistol Slide x1
Pistol barrel mold.png Pistol Barrel Mold Mold Pistol Barrel x1 , Lump of Clay x5
PistolTriggerHousingMold.png Pistol Receiver Mold Mold Pistol Receiver x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Pistol slide mold.png Pistol Slide Mold Mold Pistol Slide x1 , Lump of Clay x5
YuccaFibers.png Plant Fibers Multi-purpose Part Blades of Tall Grass x1
Yucca Plant x1
PotassiumNitratePowder.png Potassium Nitrate Powder Multi-purpose Part Potassium Nitrate x1
PotatoSeed.png Potato Seeds Seed Potato x1
Plant02.png Potted Plant Furniture Clay Bowl x1 , Blades of Tall Grass x4
PumpShotgun.png Pump Shotgun Firearm Shotgun Pump x1 , Pump Shotgun Barrel x1, Pump Shotgun Receiver x1, Pump Shotgun Stock x1
PumpShotgunShortBarrel.png Pump Shotgun Short Barrel Gun Part Pump Shotgun Barrel x1
PumpShotgunShortStock.png Pump Shotgun Short Stock Gun Part Wood Plank x2
Pump Shotgun Stock x1
PumpShotgunStock.png Pump Shotgun Stock Gun Part Wood Plank x3
RebarCobblestone.png Rebar Building Material Short Iron Pipe x8
RebarRampFrame.png Rebar Ramp Frame Building Material Short Iron Pipe x6
Planks4.png Red Wood Planks Building Material Chrysanthemum x1 , Wood Plank x8
ConcreteReinforced.png Reinforced Concrete Building Material Short Iron Pipe x4 , Concrete x5
ReinforcedMetalSiding.png Reinforced Metal Siding Building Material Scrap Iron x4
Wrench.png Repair Tool Tool, Weapon Short Iron Pipe x7
RedWoodPillar.png Richwood Pillar Building Material Red Wood Planks x3
StairsSmallRichwood.png Richwood Stairs Building Material Red Wood Planks x4
DoorRustyMetal.png Rusty Iron Door Furniture Forging Iron x8
MP5.png SMG Firearm SMG Barrel x1 , SMG Receiver x1, SMG Stock x1
Mp5 barrel mold.png SMG Barrel Mold Mold SMG Barrel x1 , Lump of Clay x5
MP5TriggerHousingMold.png SMG Receiver Mold Mold SMG Receiver x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Mp5 stock mold.png SMG Stock Mold Mold SMG Stock x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Sandbags.png Sandbags Building Material Sand x1 , Cloth Fragment x4
SandStone.png Sandstone Resource Sand x4 , Bottled Water x5
SawedOffPumpShotgun.png Sawed off Shotgun Firearm Shotgun Pump x1 , Pump Shotgun Short Barrel x1, Pump Shotgun Receiver x1, Pump Shotgun Short Stock x1
DoorScrapMetal.png Scrap Iron Door Furniture Scrap Iron x8
ScrapMetalWall.png Scrap Iron Wall Building Material Scrap Iron x9
SectionalArm.png Sectional Arm Furniture Plywood x1 , Cloth Fragment x2
SectionalCorner.png Sectional Corner Furniture Cloth Fragment x5 , Plywood x7
SectionalMiddle.png Sectional Middle Furniture Plywood x7 , Cloth Fragment x5
SecureDoorHardMetal.png Secure Hard Metal Door Building Material Forged Iron x8
StorageChest.png Secure Storage Chest Building Wood Plank x6
SecureDoorTungsten.png Secure Tungsten Door Building Material Tungsten Ingot x8
SecureDoorWooden.png Secure Wooden Door Building Material Wood Plank x8
SharpStone.png Sharp Stone Multi-purpose Part Small Stone x1
ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe Multi-purpose Part Forged Iron x1
PumpShotgunBarrelMold.png Shotgun Barrel Mold Mold Pump Shotgun Barrel x1 , Lump of Clay x5
PumpShotgunPump.png Shotgun Pump Gun Part Wood Plank x2
PumpShotgunReceiverMold.png Shotgun Receiver Mold Mold Pump Shotgun Receiver x1 , Lump of Clay x5
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell Ammunition Buckshot x , Gun Powder x1, Paper x1
PumpShotgunShortBarrelMold.png Shotgun Short Barrel Mold Mold Pump Shotgun Short Barrel x1 , Lump of Clay x5
Shovel.png Shovel Tool, Weapon Stick x3 , Iron Ingot x4
30px Simple Bandage No recipe information available.
Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer Tool, Weapon Iron Ingot x3 , Stick x3
BedRoll01 1.png Sleeping Bag Furniture Cloth Fragment x6
RockSmall.png Small Stone Weapon Stone x1
SniperRifleBarrel1Mold.png Sniper Barrel Mold Mold Sniper Rifle Barrel x1 , Lump of Clay x5
SniperRifleBarrel2Mold.png Sniper Handguard Mold Mold Sniper Rifle Handguard x1 , Lump of Clay x5
SniperRifleReceiverMold.png Sniper Receiver Mold Mold Sniper Rifle Receiver x1 , Lump of Clay x5
SniperRifle.png Sniper Rifle Firearm Sniper Rifle Barrel x1 , Sniper Rifle Handguard x1, Sniper Rifle Receiver x1, Sniper Rifle Scope x1, Sniper Rifle Stock x1
SniperRifleBarrel1.png Sniper Rifle Barrel Gun Part Sniper Rifle Barrel x1
SniperRifleBarrel2.png Sniper Rifle Handguard Gun Part Sniper Rifle Handguard x1
SniperRifleReceiver.png Sniper Rifle Receiver Gun Part Sniper Rifle Handguard x1
SniperRifleScopeFrame.png Sniper Rifle Scope Gun Part Sniper Rifle Scope x1
SniperRifleStock.png Sniper Rifle Stock Gun Part Sniper Rifle Stock x1
SniperRifleScopeFrameMold.png Sniper Scope Mold Mold Sniper Rifle Scope x1 , Lump of Clay x5
SniperRifleStockMold.png Sniper Stock Mold Mold Sniper Rifle Stock x1 , Lump of Clay x5
ClubSpiked.png Spiked Club Weapon Scrap Iron x4 , Stick x4
Stick.png Stick Weapon Wood Plank x1
Stone.png Stone Resource, Building Material Rock05 x1
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe Tool, Weapon Sharp Stone x1 , Plant Fibers x1, Stick x1
Tnt.png TNT Explosive Plant Fibers x1 , Gun Powder x7, Paper x13
MineCandyTin.png Tin Land Mine Trap Candy Tin Can x1 , Gun Powder x1, Scrap Iron x1
Torch.png Torch Lighting, Weapon Stick x1 , Cloth Fragment x1
Stick x1 , Plant Fibers x1
IngotMoldTungsten.png Tungsten Ingot Mold Mold Lump of Clay x5
VenisonStew.png Venison Stew Food No recipe information available.
WeaponRepairKit.png Weapon Repair Kit Repair Tool Oil x1 , Cloth Fragment x1, Metal Strips x1
WoodFenceOldFarm.png Wood Farm Fence Building Material Wood Plank x9
30px Wood Fence Wood Plank x9
PoleBlockPowerPole.png Wood Fence Post Building Material Wood Plank x3
WoodFrame.png Wood Frame Building Material Wood Plank x8
TrunkPineTip.png Wood Log Spike Trap Wood Log x4
OldWoodPillar.png Wood Pillar Building Material Wood Plank x6
WoodPlank.png Wood Plank Multi-purpose Part Wood Log x1
Wood Log Spike x1
Aged Wood x1
WoodRampFrame.png Wood Ramp Frame Building Material Wood Plank x6
TrapSpikes01.png Wood Spikes Trap Stick x9
30px Wood Window Stick x8
OldChair.png Wooden Chair Furniture Stick x6 , PlateOldWood x3
ClubWood.png Wooden Club Weapon Stick x6
Desk01.png Wooden Desk Furniture Red Wood Planks x14
Door.png Wooden Door Furniture Plywood x8
ShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Building Material Wood Plank x4
WedgeCabinShingles.png Wooden Shingles (Wedge) Building Material Wooden Shingles x3
CornerFullWedgeShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Corner Building Material Wooden Shingles (Wedge) x2
PyramidShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Pyramid Building Material Wooden Shingles (Wedge) x1
StairsSmallOldwood.png Wooden Stairs Building Material Wood Plank x4
FoodYuccaJuice.png Yucca Juice Food Glass Jar x1 , Yucca Plant x1