Cooking system

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An empty cooking interface
A filled cooking interface using Cooking Pot and Skinned Rabbit

Cooking food is a rather simple process that requires a Camp Fire. You can cook Venison, Rabbit, and Pork. Cooking food is an alternative to eating canned food scattered around the map or that you can get from zombies once you kill them.


In order to cook, you need the following elements:

  • A Campfire, as a base for cooking.
  • A cooking utensil such as a Cooking Pot, a Cooking Grill or a Stick in the lbUtensil slot in the Campfire's GUI
  • A source of fuel for burning.
  • Ingredients for cooking.



Cooking Grill:

Cooking Pot:


  • When Cook button is clicked all food items are lost.
  • When Fuel is added all food items are lost.
  • Work around ( Place fuel first then one food item, when cook is clicked and working add rest).