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Diersville, one of the cities in-game
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Game Worlds
Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

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Cities are massive Points of Interest, consisting of many buildings. They contain many Houses as well as other Points of Interest that normally generate by themselves, such as Shamway Grocery Stores and Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores. In the Navezgane world, the cities are labeled with their names on the map. Cities generally represent a windfall of loot, but are inhabited by large numbers of Zombies.

In Navezgane, there are 3 cities, each with unique properties. Gravestown lies in the Wasteland Biome, and is notable for its destroyed state. Diersville is found in the north-east near the Farm and features a large, multi-story Hospital, while the Ghost Town is found in the desert and, as its name implies, resembles a typical Wild West-era settlement.

In Random Worlds, cities spawn apparently at random. However, there is always a city at the center of the world, at coordinates (0, 0). Unlike the ordered cities of Navezgane, cities in random worlds have varying sizes and included buildings.

Zombies[edit | edit source]

Cities feature very high numbers of zombies. If the player is not sneaky or conscientious about killing the zombies before exploring, they may find themselves under attack by armies of zombies comparable to nighttime hordes. Zombie Dogs, Hornets, and Infected Police Officers spawn frequently in cities, making the unwary exploration of a city into a death sentence for weaker players.

Due to their expansive size and many hiding places, it is extremely hard to deal with every zombie before looting the city. For this reason, it is reccommended that ill-equipped players exercise caution. Hostile attention should be avoided or dealt with as quickly and stealthily as possible. Discretion is the better part of valor.